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    Getting an ability's string order Id, Possible?

    The only thing that i can think simple use an string array an set it to the same number as the ability and store the order string. then simple: call IssueTargetOrder( dummy , OrderArray[i] , targetunit )
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    Fallen Hero revive location (script)

    Change the GetPlayableMapRect() with gg_rct_Townn and must work, don't change anything else..
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    Jass Problem!!!!

    Also we don't support unprotected maps here...
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    My first JASS function.

    >This NATIVE FUNCTION (TriggerRegisterEnterRectSimple) That's not a native function.
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    Tool Leak Check v3

    Any assing of a force to all players and then cleaning(I think that cleaning) the force or destroying it will cause AllPlayers to dissapear.
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    Spell Summon Element Golems

    I never played AoM, and I see this spell made before in some other place...(A map). But the spell is nice anyway ;) and It's well made..
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    [Requests] Loading Screen Requests Here!

    I have see animated loading screen (Not very nice animation, but they moved after the map load has finished and I was waiting for other players)...
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    [Requests] Loading Screen Requests Here!

    Answer please this question: >can you make animated loading screens? It looks interesting, and I think that It's easy...but I don't remember well :P
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    a question about Multiboard

    I guess that you have displayed the multiboard before of that, but I don't see anything wrong in that block...
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    Map crashes?

    Post the code, or post the map. BTW be careful when using pseudo-locals... Remember that locals have to be first in the function (Before any action).
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    Undefined function.

    EDIT: Oh was this solved? I read the last question, and posted then I read an Edit from Flare... local Struct s = GetTimerStructA(GetExpiredTimer()) <--- This function goes in the TimerActions, It's a short form to get the struct. Also remember to null local timers, etc
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    Showing all players current loading in loading screen

    What you need is a high quality loading screen with loading progress, in the tutorial that you posted it has all what you need. You need to crop your image into 4 parts, I don't remember what size but they are explained in the tutorial. And then import then with a path file of a Multiplayer load...
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    Animation for "Bounty"

    Check the Sandbox v3.1 in his subforum.
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    World editor unlimited on 1.21b?

    It doesn't even work with patch 1.21 I think..
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    Animation for "Bounty"

    You mean a textag ? idk the exact size, weigh etc but try using Cohadar's TextTag library It has a GoldBounty function..
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    Using Strings - How to use the "next line" thing?

    Actually it works, at least for me (Or in the trigger editor was \n ? I don't remember quite well).
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    Problem with using global locals?

    It's fully mui without the local. You aren't using wait between sets and actions so It must be mui. You don't need to null global variables, because they are re-used. Don't use pseudo-locals(global locals..) without thinking, remember that UnitGroup picks(Pick every unit ...) are made in other...
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    What i thought would work didn't

    Maybe that string isn't registered inside the war3map.wts ..., replace the "TRIGSTR_003" with the text that you want.
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    Downloading models...

    Too bad that is in Russian u.u I don't understand nothing :P