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    spell behaves strangely

    you should know that EVENT_UNIT_DAMAGED runs your trigger before the unit actually recieves damage. so you should run a 0.00 second timer and then block the damage in the callback function
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    [vjass] Can this be improved?

    okay then just use GetHandleInteger which will not cause any problems and will use structs. and again, i dont see a problem i mean, if you are not an idiot, your map will not crash.
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    [vjass] Can this be improved?

    H2I is not equal to I2H? I2S neither. so where is your I2H? i dont get it
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    [vjass] Can this be improved?

    did you ever have problems with it. or in dota? and where exactly does HV use I2H(i)?
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    [vjass] Can this be improved?

    why does everybody dislike handle vars? i mean.... dota uses gamecache, and does dota have any problems with lagg or performance?
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    Spell Phantasmal Barrage

    you dont need the private keyword for structmembers it is just more text. but you should make the struct private, what if someone has a struct called PB? 90% of my structs are called PB
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    Projectile motion stopping, repeat spell instances not working

    set .N = .N + 1 maybe im wrong but shouldnt be .N be IN the loop? (spellactions function)
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    Event needed, any suggestions?

    there is no event. but why not use "a unit acquires an item" and then check all 6 slots wether the item type in this slot is not equal to no item?
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    Iconpack Weapon Iconpack

    they would be awesome if they would be a bit more warcraft-style and a bit less comic-style. they just dont fit in the wc3 interface imo.
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    Struct problems - not executing..?

    what do you expect? you create a line, give him values and then run a method which creates a new line and has no values. so what should your code do? if you want to reuse the values dont allocate a new line, but use the current (called this) so your members are called this.fx or even simpler...
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    Spell Lasso - The Real Dismember

    omg i love you and hate you... i love you because its awesome and well-coded. but i hate you because i had the same idea just yesterday :/ +rep anyway @aceheart: the functions take a level argument, so your data can be more dynamic
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    GroupEnumUnitsInRange is a native function, so it would be a bit strange if AceHeart could look what it does
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    System Chain Link System

    -> set bj_lastCreatedGroup = g call DestroyGroup(g) set g = null return bj_lastCreatedGroup -.- tested it? it will return null since you destroyed the group before any screenshots? any documentation?
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    System DAS - Data Attachment System

    it allows everything and should be faster than ABC but i think it will slow down if your map leaks
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    Conan O'Brien Hates My Homeland

    xD ditch einstein, get hasselhoff :D
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    System DAS - Data Attachment System

    why would i use TimerUltils? i dont see a point in that as i dont know TimerUtils and also like ABC, etc, because they are user-friendly and efficent. so i dont see a use in this system
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    System DAS - Data Attachment System

    looks like csdata with a bit more type-safety. but why use it? why throw away TT, ABCT, ABC and CSData? and ive already got recycling, also with timers. and the unit recycling is not even a good idea in my opinion (if you have too many units, it will lag, its like memory leaks)
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    Textmacro variable-issue

    i think you missunderstood the use of textmakros. they are not dynamic
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    Textmacro variable-issue

    you cant pass variables with textmakros so it would be //! runtextmacro RegionPoint("Move","Red","2","3")
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    Warning message like ''Not enough gold.''

    do you have to speak swedish? i only understood that you have a little problem with the NewGen. maybe this will help you: