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  1. chukky-jr

    Battle hunger spell - Help.

    ^oh my bad then, both has damage and slow over time, kinda forgot which one, so Acid Bomb is considered physical buff too?
  2. chukky-jr

    Battle hunger spell - Help.

    actually, the slow and dps comes from Shadow Strike, i haven't check for the speed bonus yet, but for dispelling the Battle Hunger, just do the usual : Unit Dies or something, remove Battle Hunger buff from killing unit, blabla (is there such function?)
  3. chukky-jr

    WIP Spirit of Heroes

    Spirit of Heroes Description Spirit of Heroes is a PvE game, much like a hero defense/survival where teamplay is highly focused to cover up each other's weaknesses. As a hero defense/survival game, this map gives off a wave of creeps at intervals in which players must defend the main Town...
  4. chukky-jr

    +Healing+ buff aura

    wait, i feel stupid, so there will be bonus healing when unit is healed under the effect of the aura? is that how it works?
  5. chukky-jr

    Explosion of Energy spell help

    maximum target = 100 you meant? its fine i think, i used it a lot back then
  6. chukky-jr

    +Healing+ buff aura

    wouldn't Regeneration Aura (neutral) suffice?
  7. chukky-jr

    Healt % Based Spell and Kill Stacks.

    ^just reminding there is no way to detect who is the killer if you do that, well we can but then the 'Unit - cause damage event' would be shorter
  8. chukky-jr

    Explosion of Energy spell help

    ^isn't Fan of Knives has a field Maximum - Target?
  9. chukky-jr

    Need Help in Making Spells

    i have no idea how to fix the fury swipes, never tried it, but for the enrage part with bonus damage, afaik icefrog uses a library that adds a lot of item bonus damage depending on ursa's hp when enraged activated but your trigger works enough if you just want to add 'basic function' of enrage
  10. chukky-jr

    Unit abilities without triggers

    ^lol, though i'm not sure what RedOrb is asking, maybe these help 1. as Happy said (lol) 2. for some reason, if the ability is hardcoded into the unit in original WC3, it sometimes tries to cast it, but not sure if there is any condition for that
  11. chukky-jr

    [Vanilla JASS] Trigger with both periodic event and unit spell effect

    ^nah i understand MUI, hashtable and stuff, just have no idea how JASS syntax and rules works, figured it out already, i suppose if there is nothing to say, don't say anything then
  12. chukky-jr

    Destroying Trigger

    ^no MoveUnitXY is like when a GUI trigger is converted to a custom text and has something like gg_untitled_trigger001 on the very bottom of the custom script, i see it only add event and condition, but that function itself doesn't has event and about the DestroyTrigger() does that meant in GUI...
  13. chukky-jr

    Math problem - go to nearest #

    so let's say i have an integer that will randomly generates #, but i want it went generated, has the value which are the multiplication of 5 (e.g 5/10/15/20/25 etc), but i'm stuck on making the formula, can anyone help me? edited : i mean the steps are like these : 1. random value generated...
  14. chukky-jr

    Maximum number of arrays??

    yea it indeed doesn't work, i tried making those 4 integer into a non-array version and it works.. no idea.. can't help much in this part
  15. chukky-jr

    Maximum number of arrays??

    ^well he is using 4-5 variables to store up to 1200 array size for every damage taken, seems quite a legit test to me btw i'm not sure but i think the problem is not every 1 sec, the problem is whenever it starts the loop since the size is too big, it can also be every 20 seconds etc, but it...
  16. chukky-jr

    Maximum number of arrays??

    yea it seems like it is not recommended to have too much array size i just test this simple trigger and it lags like hell Untitled Trigger 001 Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 8192, do (Actions)...
  17. chukky-jr

    Removing Memory leak - Local Variables.

    ^so in short you can null local variables from other trigger? nice info then
  18. chukky-jr

    Removing Memory leak - Local Variables.

    iirc this leaks Destructible - Create a Ice Block spell at (test_loc offset by 300.00 towards ddegree degrees) facing ddegree with scale 1.00 and variation the point with polar offset should've been set into test_loc too about the remove test_loc, i'm not sure, but since it is local it can...
  19. chukky-jr

    Maximum number of arrays??

    just curious, what kind of trigger trena?