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    Set level for one created unit?

    Go to the Object Editor. Right-click the Dryad and select New Custom Unit (or something like that). Remove its abilities listed in the Unit Abilities field. Now go to the Ability section of the Object Editor. Find whatever spells you want to edit (Abolish Magic, for this example). Right-click...
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    Set level for one created unit?

    You could make a custom unit for the Dryad, with modified spells that don't have any techtree requirements, and do the same for the others that are given to any race other than their own.
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    How To rotate Buldings/Structures?

    I recall setting the "Is a building" value to False, rotating it, and then setting it to True again.
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    Spawn trigger works TOO well!!

    No, because the variable is given a new value every time you set it to a random point in the region, which is done before every individual spawn.
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    Visibility modifier not working, trigger problem

    I think he wants someone to specify how to find the action to grant the shared vision though. EDIT: Oh sorry, didn't see his edit. >_<
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    Spawn trigger works TOO well!!

    Right, forgive my forgetfulness :(
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    Spawn trigger works TOO well!!

    Seeing as you were unaware of this, I assume you don't know what it means. When you tell the game to spawn a unit at "random point in region", this causes a so-called leak. To fix it, first store the point in a variable, then refer to that variable when spawning the unit, like so: Set...
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    Visibility modifier not working, trigger problem

    Oh. Right. I don't have access to the WE right now, so someone else will have to point to the exact location of those actions in the trigger editor. :)
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    The game does tend to lose track of it after 10 seconds, yes. Although I've heard that Triggering Unit is kept in memory longer than the SPECIFIC ACTIONing Unit (target unit of ability being cast, attacking unit etc.)
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    Visibility modifier not working, trigger problem

    I'm not 100% sure of what you're looking for, but can't you just grant Shared Vision of the unit to the owner of maphacker, and then remove it again when the requirement is no longer met?
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    Adding a unit to your command.

    Do you want the player to be granted control over the ranger, or to be allied with her? 'My team' implies the latter, but since the reinforcements are given to the player, I guess you want the same for the Archer. If so, above poster has the solution for you.
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    How did they make the water be above ground not below?

    Screenshot for us lazy ones? :(
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    Editting Raw Data

    If memory serves, that's not possible. You'd have to give it some +dmg ability periodically instead.
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    Spawn trigger works TOO well!!

    @ simonake: Why have Map Initialization as an additional event though? Remove that and keep the periodic event.
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    Problem with a passive mirror image type spell.

    Well did you change it so that you're now using Wand of Illusion as your dummy spell?
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    1.23 and NewGen

    Mine doesn't... says it's encountered a problem and needs to close (NewGen WE), any ideas why?
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    Try ordering the unit to stop when it reaches the point.
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    Autocast spells - can we make some?

    The *buff* doesn't affect the unit's stats, the abilitiy itself does. The buff just shows up as an icon at the bottom of the unit's "profile" in the UI, and may also affect the way it looks with attachments and/or effects etc.
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    how to make 2 auras in 1, +rep

    Andrewgosu wrote a nice tutorial containing, among other things, a trick to do that. Here's the link: Not really, each aura just has fields for its own effects, like return damage or armor bonus.
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    Unit Bounty Tut help?

    Yup, it's quite easy really, set up the individual bounty rewards for each unit as shown above, and then use Player - Turn Gives bounty On for Player X and then killing that player's units will award the bounty.