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  1. Farplane

    Spellpack DotA Spellpack

    I'm trying to improve my familiarity with GUI spells (I'll get into JASS later), so I decided that I'd make a spellpack of 4 DotA spells. Please notify me of any leaks or malfunctions because that's what I'm trying to imrpove on. I know these codes are very simple to many of you but I'm here to...
  2. Farplane

    Model Time Aura

    Great aura, I can only imagine how people could use it. I wouldn't be suprised if they used it for Faceless Void in- err.. you know what nevermind I'm not even gonna bring it up -.-
  3. Farplane

    Some Little Questions You'll Like To Answer To.

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if you just want a hero with the model of a crow, just go to unit editor, create a new unit based of a hero, and edit the game model to what you want.
  4. Farplane

    Im Making a gold fountain! plz help

    There are many aspects to decide whether or not a leak is minor. For instance, if you have map that generally lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours, a few little leaks will add up. Also, triggers that happen consistantly with a set time (Every 1 second) should be watched out for.
  5. Farplane

    Saying Player Name Trigger

    Normally, I would create a new thread, but I am able to realize how I create to many threads, often dealing with the same map. Plus, this is just a little help. My map is almost complete. I'm currently looking for a good song that could set the atmosphere of my killer map. Preferably...
  6. Farplane

    Saying Player Name Trigger

    Alright, I think I got the dialog box down, feels good to finally have that off my chest. If anyone sees an error or leak please let me know. Events Time - Elapsed game time is 16.00 seconds Conditions Actions Dialog - Clear Playerdialog Dialog - Change the title of...
  7. Farplane

    Saying Player Name Trigger

    Ah, good point, I wasn't considering that. I'll try this, thanks Ace.
  8. Farplane

    Saying Player Name Trigger

    So, I'm basically making a Who is the Killer game, and instead of using circles of power to record votes, I want the players to type in the name of the player they think is the "killer", and if they get it wrong, they will be defeat. I can pretty much only get halfway through this trigger...
  9. Farplane

    Vista-compatable Image Extractor

    Thank you for the file. The program executes, however when I drag a .tga into it, it says it has an unsupported compression. Also, I saved the file you linked and apparently Vista is having problems identifying it (no worries, it works fine on WE), I think Vista just has some issues with things...
  10. Farplane

    Vista-compatable Image Extractor

    Yeah but I hear that can really mess up your computer. I wish I still had my crappy low quality XP.
  11. Farplane

    Vista-compatable Image Extractor

    Are there any effecient Vista-compatable .blp converters out there? I searched hiveworkshop for a little and couldn't find anything that worked. And if not, could someone please convert this image for me?
  12. Farplane

    Chat Message Distortion

    I'm sure any of you who have played Phase Killer know about the function where a ghost speaks, and usually about half of the letters in the message are replaced with a purple apostrophe, simulating that their speech is distorted and harder to read. I've been looking around for a little know, and...
  13. Farplane

    You know you've played too much Warcraft when...

    I'll do 5 reasons, going from least addict to greatest in that order :P You know you play to much Warcraft when... 5. You believe people holding crosses will come back to life when they die. 4. You use unit phrases in undemanded everyday situations. (example: Dang it Glen(you)! For the last...
  14. Farplane

    4 Swordsmen

    (Sorry for double post -_-) Alright I need some people to give me good suggestions on models (standard or import..) that have nice, cool, smooth sword animations. (For example, if you've played FF8, I would like it to look somewhat as fast and smooth and Squall's 'Renzokuken'.) If you have an...
  15. Farplane

    4 Swordsmen

    Sweet thanks, and thanks to everyone else too. I'm working on the models now.. it isn't working though, for some reason my model isnt showing up..
  16. Farplane

    4 Swordsmen

    I’m doing bad trying to clear up The War Between Balance, so I’m not going to finish it. However, after watching one of ayumiiluv’s videos, she made a Jaina type swordsmen… it looked cool with all the abilities and such, so it gave me the idea of “4 Swordsmen”. -4 players -Each choose one...
  17. Farplane

    Would You Rather....?

    Uhhh.... I can't even answer that question... sooo... Dad I guess? I dunno Would you rather Live in the 1950's or the 2050's? Please, really think about this... don't just immidiatly say 2050's.
  18. Farplane

    Import Manager Problem

    Ok, thanks :D
  19. Farplane

    What if...

    The galaxy we live in would for some random reason be the only one that wasn't destroyed and the world be the same forever with nothing to effect of galaxies be destroyed until one day a black hole suddenly popped-up near us and sucked us up into a universe where we were in another simular...
  20. Farplane

    The Wish Game!

    It doesn't happen because it CAN'T happen. I wish for this wish to come true. HA! End chain XD