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    Dungeon Raid!

    I can help you with all the ideas for boss spells/models - Hero spells/models and all the other ideas. Just PM me for assistance.
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    Lair of Darkness

    Well, after many months of this project on hold and my return back to Warcraft 3, I've decided to go with this project to bring to life and put it back in development. I've been working on the terrain of the Earth Section and have completed the beta appearence, just need to add doodads. I...
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    Gates Help

    Solved by Accname, thanks!
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    AoS Nova (Working Title)

    Adol The Holy Knight Main Attribute Strength Spells Hand of God The Holy Knight calls to the Gods for power, giving him a holy charge to destroy his enemy. Holy Strike The Gods charge the Holy Knights blade, giving him a holy strike. On contact, the sword will explode, dealing...
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    Update - 1/2/09 Tomorrow is the first day of recording. I will inform people on what role they get and hopefully get the first few lines recorded. I am still looking for a terraining and some other people for triggering cameras. I am doing both, but still need help. I am not a A+ on...
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    I have a couple of Qs for map making pros,,,

    1. What is the reputation of custom RPGs here? We're they fun/sucked? from your experience... I have seen some good ones, and some bad ones. Overall, not many have impressed me. 2. What do you expect from a well executed custom RPG? If you are going to make an RPG, then be prepared to...
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    The talking dog reminded me of Caboose from the Red vs Blue series.
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    Sherlock Holmes (2009)

    I recently saw Sherlock Holmes. I have to say, Robert Downy Jr. did a fantastic job as Mr. Holmes. He has to take a spot in my top 5 film actors. To the point, Sherlock Holmes was a wonderful film and a great one overall. It COULD have been shorter, but hey, the longer the better! I would...
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    Leveling A Mage!

    He was level 61 when he posted about a month ago. Getting 19 levels in one month is a walk in the park. Gratz though! Mages are fun, so are warlocks. Stay away from the Paladin unless you have a shitload of patience... I hit 80 on my paladin and it is pure boring until your gear gets godly, then...
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    Other Manage the Sercurity of your Town!

    Army Commander or City Commander or something.
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    Hosting not working...

    Is your last 3 digits up-to-date? Mine change time to time.
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    Other Manage the Sercurity of your Town!

    I got to say, I would probably enjoy this. You should have like, thieves that travel to your town and your chance on finding one is depending on the size of your army. That would be a pretty cool feature. Also, on multiplayer, you can have a bunch of cities or you can have a 4v4 type of map...
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    Update: I am still in the process in making changes to the script before I release it back to proof reading. I am terribly sorry for not responding the 19th, have been busy with other things, as well as conditioning for baseball. Anyway, I am on christmas vacation and don't have...
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    Bump, got a camcorder for christmas (early gift)! haha Anyway, still looking for auditions. Script is almost fully done with the proofreading process. I am also working a little on the map with getting all the areas set up. Also I imported about 90% of the units and working on the world...
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    I have some good news and bad news... Good news - Script is 100% done and needs some proof reading so I am going to give it to someone to proof read that I can trust. :thup: Bad news - Got a huge test coming up, the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test), which means if I fail it, I can't graduate...
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    In the filming, I say it is a snowy theme, with the winter/northrend tiles. A lot of mountains and caves.
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    Cinematic *Movie* Warhammer 40,000: An Unknown Surface

    Real quick update. The script is about 90% done. Need still need more people for terraining, triggering, and voices.
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    RPG The Orpg Without a title

    I know the there isn't alot to say about the project, but you won't get much attention with the description you provided. Try talking more about features you are planning to have in the game, the story, and mostly the gameplay. Anyway, I do agree, the city is basic, but looks good. Good...
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    RPG Open Rpg double map project. Recruits members

    Well, I'm sure he is creating all the shit in Object Editor/Balancing since there is nothing on that. Balancing is a lot of work believe it or not. Also, as long as he does some triggering since his name is down, that is enough work.