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  1. Lord_Phoenix

    Favorite Strat

    Because their pretty hilariously broken. I like how no one hides the gateway anymore so at least VR rush is easy to scout, though I am pretty much forced to go hydra now since they are the only decent count to VR and I still think muta tech is waaayyy too slow in this game... at least make the...
  2. Lord_Phoenix

    Just got my 27" iMac (graphics performance)

    He said it's mostly for work. So my question to OP: What is your job, and how much did that Mac set you back? I know I actually like large screens for programming, but for gaming I prefer 17'' max so it's easy to see everything and I don't have to move my head or really my center fo vision.
  3. Lord_Phoenix

    Danmaku Shooting sc2 mod

    Such as Touhou games, there already is a "bullet hell" mod a japanese guy made for SC2. He beat me to the punch. However, it doesn't mean I can't make mine better! jIkPcMbR5HE
  4. Lord_Phoenix

    StarCraft 2 N00B!

    Right now there are many good or at least popular strategies out there. I only play Zerg so it's hard to know what strats you want to do. However, if you go to the teamliquid forums they have a bunch of stats available to think about. Also try watching Day9 dailies, as he's fun to watch and...
  5. Lord_Phoenix

    Gamestop Preorder Beta Key

    Hey guys, some of you might remember me. Anyways, if you pre-order SC2 from game stop they give you a free beta key. Either online or store. Also TL (TeamLiquid) is doing some crazy epic Beta key giveaways if you're willing to give those a shot.
  6. Lord_Phoenix

    Progressive Rock

    when I hear CCM I think about Catholic music played like Pirrot Luniare or Schoenburg.
  7. Lord_Phoenix

    E3 releases

    If anyone is paying attention to E3, they might have noticed several highlights: Currently awesome are: Crysis 2 Assassins Creed 2 Squareenix doing Supreme Commander Bioware doing Knights of the Old Republic (whatever they're calling the newer version) Anyone else following it this year?
  8. Lord_Phoenix

    FF7 Downloadable released

    FF7 was released on the PSN June 1st. it's a 1.38ishGB download for $10. I am downloading it as we speak. It is also for PS3. I'm very very excited.
  9. Lord_Phoenix

    Black Clouds and Silver Linings

    As it has leaked, I took a loose listen and decided to give my initial impressions. It's pretty low compared to old DT standards. They keep trying to do something new but due to their audience they can't really switch their style of music. In the end it just sounds like the same stuff they...
  10. Lord_Phoenix

    Which Race Do You Like Most

    Well time for me to comment. Note I look from solo perspective: Not any Orc strategy. Grubby found ways to counter it consistently with Raiders, Bm, TC, and adept spirit walkers. It's very effective, though it requires pretty intense micro. The match is pretty even in w/l once grubby...
  11. Lord_Phoenix

    The Obama Deception

    people think that zeitgeist is/was true because they want it to true, the same way that this show will appeal to people who want to believe the Obama is establishing a New World Order. While I believe this isuntrue, there is no denying that he is trying to switch power perminatly to the...
  12. Lord_Phoenix

    Graphic Calculator

    this is a graphing calculator, not a scientific one.
  13. Lord_Phoenix

    Sci/Tech Apples Recession Gains Comming To An End

    and yet they are still at least 2x more expensive for a equivilent PC. And even more expensive comparitivly to building a pc yourself + linux.
  14. Lord_Phoenix

    Google Fight

    for me the letter 'a' pwns even 'post'. 18080000000 results vs 2910000000 results XD
  15. Lord_Phoenix

    General Canine Commuters

    apparently they can't tell the difference between the up and down elevator yet.
  16. Lord_Phoenix

    what is easier to make in your opinion, 2D or 3D games?

    Both of my examples are not platformers or 2d RPGs.
  17. Lord_Phoenix

    what is easier to make in your opinion, 2D or 3D games?

    I wouldn't necessarily call this easy to program, would you? HswqpDxBe1A Or this PP-mePr1-ZQ&feature=related
  18. Lord_Phoenix

    Health Clogged Nose? Try Sex.

    oddly enough it does work....however, it doesn't last long. Stick with Nyquil.
  19. Lord_Phoenix


    haha, I shall probably watch it with one of my friends, in which I shall take a shot everytime something predetermined happens. Only problem is that I have no idea what to use for said game... =[
  20. Lord_Phoenix

    Gorgeous Day

    hehehe probably, I got sick of listening for the same two songs for 4 hours straight.