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    Starcraft on Windows 7.

    late response but that doesnt even fit my symptoms, and yes i have tried googling it.
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    I met someone in warcraft 3 and he found my...

    I fail to see how rijker got hold of his date of birth.
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    Starcraft on Windows 7.

    Well the problem is like this, when Starcraft is run on my W7 computer the screen gets limited to the upper left corner (not even half of it, so I think about 640x480 in resolution?) And well, I also get the renown turquase colour thing but i've heard of a few possible solutions to that part of...
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    AoS Realms of the Genesis v3

    Doesnt this name kind of collide with Requiem of the gods? (also RotG)
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    buying a new computer

    If you use your pc for 'some' gaming and don't really need best performance and features i'd recommend using AMD and ATI instead of Intel and Nvidia, these are usually cheaper than their counterparts.
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    Safe Free Anti-Virus Program?

    If it cant be found it might remain in your registry or make a backup of itself, (it may also be one of them hiding viruses which I forgot the name of) sometimes when I experience viruses I remove them with AVG but they make a backup of themselves, Personally, I'd recommend first doing a scan...
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    Runtime error R6025 when logging into garena.

    Hello, I'm experiencing the following error when I try to log into Garena: Today is the first time experiencing this error, i've been running garena over a year without a lot of problems (occasionally garena needed to be reinstalled) But this time the reinstall i tried didnt work. I'm...
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    Acti-Blizz scheduling Starcraft for 2009...

    @ Beetlebomb Good observation, Though i must add, if games were released in the summer they 'might' be a little less impressive (dont know why :P) but autumn winter times always seems more like the time for good games to come out.
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    melee strategies

    I think most imba strat in 50% handicap mode (:P) is go warden, go glaive throwers and get some griffins to kill the forstwyrms your friendly neighbour UD might be building. edit--> by friendly I dont actually mean friendly...
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    Can someone help me with this loading screen?

    sorry, thought i'd be able to do it with irfanview, but i keep doing something wrong :(
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    TD Green Solo TD – Updated 2019

    AAAAND, RE-OPEN! I really wouldnt do this if I didnt have something to say though, so forgive me in advance but I just have to say that every td, even if it is just a 'solo' version, should have its own unique memorable tower(S)
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    Double destroying

    I'd say it will do nothing but maybe create more leaks. (still think 1 is better) :p
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    Patch not working for maps I edit?

    oh yeah forgot, sorry, Maybe you uhh, didnt put the tavern down or else it would be more like a 'damaged' version of tft, reinstalling wont fix it if frost wyrms still have piercing while FT units are used. edit--> maybe get the patch from another location, bliz downloader can sometimes damage...
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    Cinematic Help.

    I suggest you just knock about some with the cinematic triggers, they were the first I learned and I did it by just messing about.
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    Patch not working for maps I edit?

    You might try to use Froze Throne only stuff :D Meaning: You installed the 'patch' (I assume you mean the expansion) now you just have to use some frozen throne only units to play with it's features, or else it will auto go Reign of Chaos, so, just place something like a obsidian statue, or use...
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    About Hero Revive place

    you could just make an invisbile building with 0 collision at starting point, (obviously you would have to set starting units) and set the location to the building, and something like: event: A unit (in this case, your hero) so owner of unit(event response - Dying unit) condition unit =...
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    Ally vs Friend

    yea I think you're right (you could probably go on like that for ages) i get puzzled by it alot, if i get stuck I try to look at pre-made targeted spells or unit attacks :p
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    Spell file as unit model

    yea try selection scale, and scaling value if you wish to make it larger, also it might have the ability locust (dont know why it would though) if it does have this ability, remove it.
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    mystical duplicate

    beetlebomb is helping everyone now... i liked the heatseeking trigger most :D oh uhm, sorry not relevant...