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    Abstract Image Maker/Generator

    That's pretty cool but really easy to make :P Nice job :D
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    First Signatures

    And the borders are gigantic.
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    The most precious 19 seconds of your life.

    It's okay 2-P, you can hang with me.
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    call SetUnitAnimationByIndex... Burning Question

    Animation indexes are included with the model, each one is different. The 'Attack' anim might have index 5 for a Footman, but index 2 for a Peasant. Just make a script that plays unit animations when you select a unit, and shows what index it is currently showing. That, or you open up the model...
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    jass help - 1st time

    function LocalVars takes nothing returns gamecache // Replace InitGameCache("jasslocalvars.w3v") with a global variable!! set udg_myCache=InitGameCacheBJ( "jasslocalvars.w3v" ) return InitGameCache("jasslocalvars.w3v") endfunction Try this: function LocalVars takes nothing...
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    local groups not correct

    (GetWidgetLife(GetFilterUnit()) > 0) Just so you know, the cut off for a unit to be dead is actually .405, meaning you could be getting dead units. Plus, you might use GetUnitState(GetFilterUnit(),ConvertUnitState(0)) > .405 instead, because the engine still has to type check to see if the...
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    Spaceship. Feedback/ideas needed

    Could you lighten it up for the next picture? It's a little too dark :( Looking good so far, but...machine gun thingies for a highly advanced space craft? Think more along the lines of laser beams and stuff :P
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    GH Flyer Request!

    That one looks pretty cool but it might be too dark. It just might come out as a pile of dark ink when you print it :P I'll give it a shot I think (will you be printing in b&w or color?)
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    Spaceship. Feedback/ideas needed

    I think the texture should be the same brownish, but smooth and shiny. And the coils, if they are the method of propulsion, should be able to rotate and swing around a bit, and some detail should be added so it makes being able to control them logical :D Looks really cool, can't wait to see...
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    Whitesock's Art

    Dude, nice stuff, I still need to get that planet tutorial :D The planet looks awesome man! (link meh!)
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    Damage = 3x str >>how?

    Actually, hero attributes are integers, not reals. @casket If you already posted a topic on something, then bump that instead of making a new one. If you don't know where it is, use the Search tool. Thank you :)
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    Hmm? Making a unit able to be carried?

    Look at the blizz map 'WarChasers'. Gates automatically open if you have the correct key, when you go near the gate.
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    Wait 0.01 seconds really waits about 1 second...

    The smallest amount of time a wait can wait is .1 seconds. Anything lower must by executed be timer callback (timer or periodic event).
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    How to: Use Trackables

    Yes, and yes. Just remember that trackables, whether you make them invisible or not, take rendering power and/or memory. Not to mention that you need to use the gamecache to fetch handle values like coordinates and the like, so don't plan on using these in an intense high-action or large map...
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    help with flying then landing into a region and kill unit landing in region (+rep)

    function FlyDie_Cond takes unit u returns boolean return GetUnitMoveSpeed(u) == 0. and RectContainsUnit(gg_rct_region_336, u) endfunction Instead of all your condition functions... Even better yet you can use it directly, since it's not a boolexpr: .... if GetUnitMoveSpeed(u) == 0...
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    Flip with JASS

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    New backround!

    That's pretty cool :D >>I made an equation for this too. Algorithm?
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    Upgrading ROC world editor to TFT world editor

    ....... Trust me, the Tft editor is limited enough... It's just that Blizzard decided to "forget" to remove some of the Tft-only stuff from the Roc editor, forcing it to be a w3x (tft map) file as soon as you save. It's just a way to try to get you to buy the expansion. If you have the Tft...
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    Help the newbie alert.

    Hmmm, I don't what that could be. WE's syntax checker isn't that great, JASSCraft's is a step up, plus the fact you don't have to worry about the crashes the syntax checker in WE sometimes causes when trying to enable a disabled trigger, save or test.
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    Just need a confirmation :-)

    It will just make the player who's hero entered the region make all the Alliance guys as enemies, which is what you want, but the Alliance guys won't automatically treat him as an enemy. So, it works half way, so what you want to do is add another action making Alliance players treat the player...