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  1. Burningicce9

    Gui,Jass, and vJass

    set group 1 = group2 isn't the same as GroupAddGroup(group1, group2) (or whatever the syntax order is.
  2. Burningicce9

    Minigame Guitar Hero: Warcraft 3 Tour

    I am on East (but we can test wherever...) and time is flexible. Contact me on aim or msn or email if you want to work something out
  3. Burningicce9

    Minigame Guitar Hero: Warcraft 3 Tour

    I can host this for you.....I would love to test this!
  4. Burningicce9

    A Friendly Competition

    I voted for Geyser -Sparking sword doesn't go to where you wanted it to -Had to read the tooltip a lot, and I still don't know what it did exactly -Sparking sword had better graphics imo, ground thingies looked out of place on geyser -Geyser had a better mechanic imo
  5. Burningicce9

    System Unique Unit Custom Value

    Why not just use PUI by cohadar? It does what you are trying to do, but covers things like units being removed, and works perfectly. You just do Custom Script: GetUnitIndex(unit) to get a units "unique custom value"
  6. Burningicce9

    System PUI - Perfect Unit Indexing

    Still, it makes MUI in GUI a lot easier.
  7. Burningicce9

    Showing A Hidden Timer to individual Players

    I suppose you might be able to do it with GetLocalPlayer? not really sure thoug
  8. Burningicce9

    omnislash + keyboard = type to slash

    It was called dance of the red moons, or something like that, and was located on wc3c i believe?
  9. Burningicce9

    Auto-silence spell, with a percentage for the silence to happen

    Doom acts like a super silence (works on some passives and stuff), so you can use it if thats what you want, but you probably want normal silence. Soulburn is good, if you want it to be blocked by spellshield (if you have that type of ability in your map)
  10. Burningicce9

    What does the "array size" matter for?

    In other will be fine if you just leave it at one.
  11. Burningicce9

    Request for duel trigger system

    Post the trigger here and we can help you with it. Seriously, it is much better to make your own stuff. I remember when I was making a hero arena, and I had to make my own duel system. It was hard (my first major triggering feat), but i finally managed to do it, and I learned a lot.
  12. Burningicce9

    Detecting the highest / strongest player?

    Integer comparision is a condition....under conditions. And you need to decide how you're doing zones before we can help you.
  13. Burningicce9

    Detecting the highest / strongest player?

    Okay, this isn't the most efficent way to do it, but it is the easiest to understand/modify (I hope) Basically, you detect when a player does something that would add to their score (kills a hero, gets an artifact, ect), and add it to a global array. Then you calculate hte mvp by adding up...
  14. Burningicce9

    Tutorial Request Thread

    how about ubersplats...I've worked with WE for years and still dont know what they are :/
  15. Burningicce9

    Spell Sandman

    Why cant this just be in configuration? globals Private constant integer Sandman_Unit = 'U000' //The Rawcode of the dummy endglobals
  16. Burningicce9

    How to: Modify the World Editor's Trigger Editor

    You should attach the files, so we don't have to extract them ourselves :D UI\TriggerData.txt UI\TriggerStrings.txt UI\WorldEditStrings.txt
  17. Burningicce9

    Looking for a Terrainer for Hero Arena

    I am currently working on a hero arena: Tournament of Champions. General Info This will not be your standard bnet hero (crappy tooltips, tons of blizzard spells, huge imba characters). The heroes will not be extremely powerful either: No 3k damage crits, insta kill ults, or 8000 hp level 3...
  18. Burningicce9

    This is kind of strange.

    Thanks guys, It doesn't crash my map anymore.
  19. Burningicce9

    This is kind of strange.

    I'm trying to import the following ability into my map, tripwire: I am following the the import directions, and it says to copy this jass into the header of my map, but when i try to save with that info in there, it crashes my map. Am I...