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    Getting rid of a cooldown?

    Here's a map with cooldown set to 0.
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    Getting rid of a cooldown?

    It's in the ability Zealot - Charge in the field Cost - Cost - Cooldown - Time Use
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    Question on Traceline Systems

    Because the games just display things differently. In shooter games it is common to have the client act on your input right away and adjust what other people see later on. To make it look like other players walk smoothly, you client will assume they continue walking, even if it can't be...
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    Question on Inter-map Communication

    I haven't used them myself yet, but I believe banks is what will help you with this task. Both maps can use the same bank if I'm not mistaken. May I ask you how you are able to jump from one map to another? Everything I tested in that area just ended the game.
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    Sci/Tech Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel

    If we can measure when the brain remembers and plans ahead, it'd be interesting if this can be applied to animals as well. I've always wondered if they plan or not.
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    How do I make my model semi transparent and how do I create models properly?

    From the top of my head I think it's and actor message called set opacity. Add an event for the unit's actor to set it.
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    Trigger that retrieves a unit's name?

    yes, that's exactly how you do it. Convert Gamelink to String. Unit type is a game link
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    Graviton Beam Without Stopping

    Many things will need changing to achieve what you want. The whole ability is built around being channeled, so when you remove that, you migth get unexpected results. Anyways, to get you started, the channeling flag is enabled on a number of places. The ability itself has Cancelable and...
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    Mechwarrior Map

    Add storymode dependency and you'll have access to the Goliath. It should be perfect for your use. It has a TurretZ bone to rotate it's upper body. Look at the Goliath's actors to see how to set up the turret. You'll need a weapon, a turret and an actor activating the turret.
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    Shotgun Ability

    Action actors are not limited to missiles. You can use them with any effect you wish. There are events in the action actor that define what will trigger Launch (when you create the actor) and ActionImpact's visual/sounds. ActionDamage tells when shields will activate on the target. It might be...
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    Changing model with upgrade?

    Glad your model changes correctly now :) As for your other problem, I'm not sure how to do that without either using triggers (find all battlecruisers and do the updates), or having every battlecruiser spawn with a behavior that periodically checks if the player has the upgrade or not. Having...
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    Changing model with upgrade?

    Make an actor for your alternate death animation if you don't have one already. Set it up with model, animation on creation and actor destruction when animation is over. Actor type could for example be Model - ModelAnimationStyleOneShotNoOrphan. Go back to the actor for the unit you're working...
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    Cast ability without turning

    When the ability has 0 cast time then it doesn't turn, yes, you're right. It still turns with cast time over 0 though. Anyways, I've found a way around it. By setting the unit's stationary turning rate to 0, the unit can't turn when casting an ability. It can still turn when being ordered...
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    Changing model with upgrade?

    (It can be done with one actor. All you need to do is figure out which events will give the results you want for both models, and which won't. For the ones that won't you must create duplicate events for, and check for the Term - ValidatePlayer - PlayerHasUpgrade and Term - ValidatePlayer -...
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    Changing model with upgrade?

    that's a good start. Keep that event. To fix it so that every BC created after the upgrade has the right model, you need a new Validator and another event in the actor. The Validator will check if you have the upgrade. The event will be Actor Creation - Term Validate Player [the validator you...
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    Training units

    If you can't change Barrack - Train at all, then I don't know what's wrong. If you can change it and don't know how, then try this: What you need to change is in Ability - Info+ Double click an empty line for your new unit. Choose a button for your unit at the top. Scroll far down to add a unit...
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    Changing model with upgrade?

    Look in the events for the unit's actor. Model Swap should do the trick. I don't have much time to give extensive details right now, but I'll come back if you need more help.
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    Cast ability without turning

    How do I make a unit cast an ability without turning. The ability needs a cast time. In addition, how can a unit turn it's turret towards where it is casting? I want both of these to work together, but can't figure out how to do it.
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    Question on Unit Collision Size

    Footprints works for destructibles yes. From all my tests Footprints will override Radius, so it's not necessary to set. As a site note: All blizzard created buildings have an appropriate Radius and a Separation Radius, so who knows; maybe it does have an obscure use even when using...
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    Question on Skyboxes

    Yes, with the trigger Set Background Model