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    I don't understand why the bananas of others go bad in what seems to be about a minute... mine...

    I don't understand why the bananas of others go bad in what seems to be about a minute... mine will be perfectly edible for about a week.
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    To be, or not to be?

    To be, or not to be?
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    You too.

    You too.
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    World At home with the Amazon Indians: Pictorial of one of the Last Uncontacted Tribes

    So did you miss the left side of the first picture or what?
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    How dare you.

    How dare you.
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    You can't prove anything.

    You can't prove anything.
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    US News No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says

    "The government has covered up nothing." says the government.
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    Crime Sheriff: Owner of escaped exotic animals opened cages, then committed suicide

    They did try tranquilizers but intramuscular tranquilizers can take upwards of 20 minutes to kick in and may not actually work. In that time, the animal that was shot could easily escape or cause havoc, possibly getting to a place where it can simply wait out the effects of the tranquilizer...
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    Crime Dungeon Rape Master Kept 6 Sex Slaves for 4 Years

    So a Chinese Gary Heidnik then?
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    System LightningRecycle

    Will lightning recycling even actually do anything? Improve efficiency? Save memory? It's clear the lightning is different from, say, a unit and more like a texttag in that it is not an agent, but simply extends a handle instead. It's been learned in the past that recycling texttags was useless...
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    Environment What happens if the population forecasts are wrong?

    Because, you know, the last world war definitely solved all our population issues. All we have to do is make everybody rich. Because rich countries don't even have enough children to sustain the current population. All the increase there is from immigration. Anybody got a get quick rich...
  13. Azlier

    Are hairy arms/legs more resistant to mosquitoes?

    Fairly sure that what affects mosquito biting you is your scent, not what you're wearing or how much hair you have. Some people get bit outside constantly, some are all but ignored by the pests. Almost certain it's based on your scent.
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    System Rectwraps

    Jesus Christ. It seems like none of the creation methods other than .wrap worked properly, and in all this time nobody noticed. This has been fixed.
  15. Azlier

    Technology Chinese Farmer Constructs Artificial Flying Saucer

    As opposed to what, a naturally occurring flying saucer?
  16. Azlier

    World A very muscular brand of Christianity: Jesus Christ now has a makeover.

    There's a reason for the quotes around 'father'. J4L thar is referring to Joseph.
  17. Azlier

    Ever considered modifying MoveSpeedX so that it uses T32?

    Ever considered modifying MoveSpeedX so that it uses T32?
  18. Azlier

    Snippet Trackable2

    Fixed. Didn't fix it in the demo map, though. Don't have a properly equipped NewGen ready to do so.