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  1. UndeadDragon

    MySQL + Dreamweaver?

    Just to let you know, I edited your username and password out of your script as anyone could see them ;) Have you been able to connect to a database now?
  2. UndeadDragon

    How to allow Unity3D to communicate with mySQL

    I doubt there would be an easy way to directly communicate. If you wanted to use PHP it would be very simple like so: (very basic form) <?php mysql_connect('MYSQL_HOST', 'MYSQL_USERNAME', 'MYSQL_PASSWORD'); mysql_select_db('MYSQL_DB'); mysql_query('INSERT INTO users VALUES ('username'...
  3. UndeadDragon

    Option to report...

    You can report your own posts if you are not sure of something or want a moderator to clarify something. For example, if you made a post but then weren't sure about whether it was allowed or wanted it locked you could report it and a moderator can easily see what needs to be done.
  4. UndeadDragon

    MS DOS and Windows 7 issues

    My guess is that it has something to do with your code. Would you mind posting it?
  5. UndeadDragon

    Sci/Tech Japan’s Cyber-Attack System: “Pure Ghost in the Shell”

    Ghost in the Shell <3 Done very nicely. It looks so pretty.
  6. UndeadDragon

    Is this Possible?

    I moved this thread for you.
  7. UndeadDragon

    What the fuq?

    I love Dragon. He such an awesome troll.
  8. UndeadDragon

    Design Requests (Xenforo)

    I would like post counts to be back on all posts, if possible.
  9. UndeadDragon

    Changing output text colour in a console window?

    I think the reason of the limited text colours is because it is just a console application. If you want to use more advanced things such as extended colours I would recommend into looking into a very basic console-like GUI.
  10. UndeadDragon

    Toshiba satellite vista internet problems

    Have you changed any settings, like the TCP/IP settings?
  11. UndeadDragon

    Trying to get demoted

    Just to clear up for myself, the only reason I dropped myself to bronze was so my girlfriend could play some games against other people ^.^
  12. UndeadDragon

    League of Legends Client?

    My friend who had the same problem could not find any solution other than BootCamp on his Mac. However, the problem with iLol has now been changed to say that it should be fixed soon.
  13. UndeadDragon

    Windows 8

    I'm in the same position as Ghan. I tried Windows 8 and there is no way I'm switching from Windows 7 (which I have no problem with). I will just wait and buy the next computer where Microsoft remember that most people use a mouse and keyboard.
  14. UndeadDragon

    Warcraft 3 Terrain

    Moved the thread to the World Editor Help Forum.
  15. UndeadDragon

    Trying to get demoted

    I was just talking to people on Skype at the time and doing some programming whilst finding games :P It did take a while, but it wasn't that bad. I just left as soon as the game started each time.
  16. UndeadDragon

    First Photoshop Layout, Help with CSS...

    Hm... It's weird, but I'm still not getting any problems with any of my browsers (IE6, IE9, Chrome and Firefox), even when zooming in etc. One thing that may make Internet Explorer behave unusually is that you use tables for everything. It is highly recommended to not use tables anymore, just...
  17. UndeadDragon

    Trying to get demoted

    It took me 80 losses in a row to get from Gold to Bronze.
  18. UndeadDragon

    bug: find latest posts

    For me it stops at March 17. I'm thinking that somewhere around that time the posts stopped getting indexed.
  19. UndeadDragon

    First Photoshop Layout, Help with CSS...

    Just tested the site in Chrome, Firefox, IE9 and IE6 and I didn't notice too much difference o.O For the problem with the text in the news box, it looks as if you are increasing the font-size using :hover. However, I am not 100% sure why this would adjust the content position for the other...