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  1. Necrach

    A tower that summon element every 12 second

    True. The main problem with the trigger above is that if it even works, it can only work for one tower at a time (the last one built, that is). Then a better way should be to use something similar my trigger but replace the Create Unit and Expiration Timer actions with an Order Picked Unit -...
  2. Necrach

    A tower that summon element every 12 second

    Instead of having an actual skill on the tower, just have one single trigger that is a periodic similar to your Summoning one, but that picks every tower and summons a water elemental by it; summoning Events Time - Every 12.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions...
  3. Necrach

    Hero Ideas Hero

    Russian Roulette (ulti) Marks a target and another random nearby enemy. After a specific (or random, your choice) amount of seconds (would be cool with a visible countdown), one of them (randomly picked) dies and the other one is stunned for a short period of time.
  4. Necrach

    "Fake Player"

    Why not just add a computer player? Or do you have triggers that runs only for "user" players? :o
  5. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    With this, I feel it was unnecessary of him to close the poll :-/
  6. Necrach

    Remove Item from Shop after purchasing?

    There is no smooth way I can think of, but I guess you could replace the shop with another one lacking that item. Would be a lot of replacement possibilities if there is several of these Quest starting items in one shop, though :P
  7. Necrach

    Hero Contest Poll!

    Now, it doesn't fly. And it's exactly for that reason :o Although you guys found that bug, I still think I'm voting for the wisp. (I totally agree what Accname said about the Soul Count heroes!)
  8. Necrach

    Hero Abilities Ideas for my Heroes and Hero Ideas.. :D

    I have a couple of ideas for the Pride hero, although its a hard one.. Arrogance - Cast on friend OR foe! Target gets heavy evasion and spell damage reduction for 10 seconds, but takes heavy DPS during that time! With levels, decrease DPS dealt when cast on allies and increase DPS dealt when...
  9. Necrach

    How to find the enemy with in range of my hero?

    Find the unit using a unit group and then picking a random unit from that group spell Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Animate Dead Actions Set temp_point = (Position of (Triggering unit))...
  10. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    Extremely clear to me? :o EDIT: didn't see someone already posted this, sry!
  11. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    But isn't all such things part of the Synergy? Although I agree it shouldn't be a contest for making/finding costum icons :P
  12. Necrach

    [Spell help] Teleport to the nearest enemy hero

    What do you mean? :nuts: Loops are what they sound like, running one at a time for each picked unit, first one, then the next, etc, although in game it all happens in the same time. But it still reads one loop first, then repeats it, etc. And the skip remaining actions should affect the whole...
  13. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    I agree on the opinion that this "theme" is so HUGELY open, that it actually makes it more difficult to come up with an idea. As Day[9] says in his Funday Monday shows; constrictions make you think and can even make it easier for you. (Oh, and there is even another NURD thing I priors nearly as...
  14. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    I think hero contests are really awesome. It requires creativity and sense of the game and not only coding skills (although being able to code the combos you want are key). Definitely want more hero contests. Might be an idea to give a required theme to the hero, though (with risk of everyone...
  15. Necrach

    What would you like to see more of in a Hero Defence?

    What Romek said. Also, I think "secret" items and optional missions are extremely nice if they are well-made, not just randomly put on the map :o And overall, there should be original items and recepies that should actually be worth getting good combos with instead of spamming tomes! The items...
  16. Necrach

    How do you put players 1-6 in a player group?

    You could make them a Force already from start, in the Scenario - Force Properties section. Otherwise, I think its this simple Actions Player Group - Add Player 1 (Red) to player_group Player Group - Add Player 2 (Blue) to player_group Player Group - Add Player 3 (Teal) to...
  17. Necrach

    [Spell help] Teleport to the nearest enemy hero

    I don't think it will lag if the Skip Remaining action works as intended, as it doesn't really do anything until it finds a nearby hero and then it will not run anymore. EDIT: But then again, that's a hundred million integers it counts to, so I see your concern :D
  18. Necrach

    [Contest] Hero Contest

    I see what you mean, but mapping can actually take quite a few hours (I am sure you know :P) In theory, I guess you could expect a Hero Contest to take four times a normal spell contest. What I want to say is; even if you are right there are things ppl priors before this contest (I have...
  19. Necrach

    [Spell help] Teleport to the nearest enemy hero

    I guess you could find your nearest hero like this Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 100000000, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set temp_point = (Position of (Triggering unit)) Set temp_group = (Units within (Real((Integer A))) of temp_point matching...
  20. Necrach

    Blight Spread help

    Something like this Blight spread Events Time - Every 0.30 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set temp_group = (Units of type Your Hero) Unit Group - Pick every unit in temp_group and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set temp_point...