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  1. Tyman2007

    Left to Die Mod

    My first word of advice; Paragraphs. I could read through it, but the average person is turned off by big walls of text. So I'll just quote what it should look like in this post for others. Anyway.. More upgrades? I'm a bit new to the editor and I'll look into it a bit. Don't expect an update...
  2. Tyman2007

    World Chile miners trapped for 69 days, rescued: All 33 miners safely out

    Little did they know there were 34 miners.. But in all seriousness I'm glad they've escaped.
  3. Tyman2007

    Which is best? WC3's or SC2's?

    From experimentation with the Data editor, it is hardly user-friendly. People are unfamiliar of the use of multiple objects to create a single item. Creating a new unit for example, requires 3 main objects, that being the Unit data, the Actor data and the Model data. Nobody just starting to use...
  4. Tyman2007

    Which is best? WC3's or SC2's?

    Just thought I'd revive a week-dead thread :P It deserves more responses than this O.o As far as a preference, It's really hard to say. I will make a Pros, Cons, and comparisons list. Starcraft 2 Editor; Pros: -EXTREMELY Dynamic. -EXTREMELY Dynamic. -More Efficient -Encourages more...
  5. Tyman2007

    Guild Leveling, Perks, and Advancement

    yep, nor can they use the mass summon ability. Only casters T.T
  6. Tyman2007

    The New Editor Compared to the WarCraft Editor

    If you're good enough, you can design a really good game using nothing but the data editor. That's all I have to say about it. Well that.. And it's not user friendly at all..
  7. Tyman2007

    Those 50 Practice Sessions in Multiplayer...and their purposes...

    I just hate practice matches :P It made me switch from my old rush strategy so I just skipped them. Now I'm using sen's 1 base muta :P But zerg really needs a buff.. Every game I've lost was against protoss. It's very cheap :P Placed me against a high-league player in my placement games. He was...
  8. Tyman2007

    [Data] [Tutorial] Creating Units, Weapons, and Adding Sound

    It's a great tutorial! But imo should be in the resources section so that it doesn't get overrun by topics requesting assistance. It singles it out and causes more views / is more accessible.
  9. Tyman2007

    Modifying Requirements

    How exactly do I modify the requirements of, say, the photon cannon. I do not wish to remove the requirement all together so nothing would require said requirement, just make it so that the photon cannon doesn't have that requirement. UPDATE: I would also like to know how to change build...
  10. Tyman2007

    Zoom & Sound

    This isn't WC3. 50 is HUGE. Try 8-10 if you want to zoom out far, 2-7 for mid, .8-1 to close.
  11. Tyman2007

    Fast question: how to do -far, -med and -min?

    You can either use Camera - Zoom or Camera - Apply Camera Property it helps to expand the window for adding actions to see the full name of the action.
  12. Tyman2007

    Deep Space Murder

    I would play it :P But I'm not on a EU server, and even if I was it'd be at the bottom of the list because of the popularity system :( I don't like clicking that "Show More" button 300000 times to play a potentially good map, mainly because nobody else would, and because of that fact it will not...
  13. Tyman2007

    Tutorial General - Basic Unit Duplication for model or minor modifications

    This is a pretty good tutorial :P Well done! It's not a preferred method when learning. People should use the "Add Object" function until they've fully mastered it. Doesn't take long, but it's still something that needs mastered nonetheless. The duplicate function lacks some features in it and...
  14. Tyman2007

    Crime Woman sues Disney, Claims Groped by Donald Duck

    Donald duck wears no pants. Would you rather get arrested for public indecency, or something that you can keep your dignity with. Think about it :P
  15. Tyman2007

    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    Necropost ftl.. It's probably outdated. Starcraft 2 was released 12 days ago. This post was in beta times.
  16. Tyman2007

    GUI to Galaxy Conversion

    Is this possible? From what I've seen, there is no simple way. If there's a way like WC3 GUI to Jass conversion, What is it? I've been looking around and I've been trying different things. If I have to make all my code from scratch, I guess I will have to.
  17. Tyman2007

    Starcraft 2 Campaign Discussion (May contain spoilers)

    Honestly, not everyone is a lore hound. Some people play for gameplay, and as far as gameplay goes, it's excellent. Comparitively, the story so far isn't as good as the first one, but the story for the 2nd is not yet complete! I wonder if the other 2 expansions will be for the other 2 races :P
  18. Tyman2007

    Bounce Attack / Line Attack

    How do I make a unit have a bouncing attack? Also, how do I make a unit fire in a linear sort of fashion, as in how do I make the missiles go through to targets behind the original target.
  19. Tyman2007

    You're most entertaining mistake?

    My most entertaining mistake was running into the SC2 editor without reading on how to even USE it and trying to create a unit. Boy was that fun when I figured out what went wrong.
  20. Tyman2007

    [Map Development] Need Development Team for a AOS Type Map

    WC3 GUI is somewhat different from SC2 GUI. Strange why that would be a requirement. Also JASS is nowhere near the language of Galaxy. Galaxy is a ripoff of C, which if one knows JASS doesn't mean at all that they will know Galaxy.