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    System Attribute System v4

    sorry for necro, but i have a question, if lets say the unit has an inventory with only 3 spaces of inventory.. how can i fix it so that it'll work for them too??
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    Help with Making Spells MUI/Cleaning Up leaks

    Hi all, I've been having headaches trying to understand how to make a spell MUI/Leakless in GUI This is just for fun so I know these spells wont lag me, but I want to know just for good practice and learning - how I can make these spells MUI. I've read lots of tutorials on them, but I still...
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    Spell Help:Copycat

    Bump i just awnna know, are hashtables the best way to get orders and execute commands?
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    Spell Help:Copycat

    i think ur jass thing will work but can u teach me how to use the x and y coordinates in the w.e? im gonna go find a tut on hash tables EDIT: i think u guys should try out the map, the movement works right but the animations are just cancelled and i wnat to keep the movement effects EDIT 2: OH...
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    Spell Help:Copycat

    hi forums long time no see, i recently got back into mapping again so u might see me here and there :) On topic: I'm trying to create this spell copycat: the most important things to know about this spell is that: - it creates 2 locust units (copycats) that are always 175 distance away...
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    Spellpack Hidan, the Death Acolyte

    very nice: sorry i'm a retard at scripting so i can't help you there offtopic: what is your avatar picture called? I love the iconic design lol
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    Custom Unit Request: Banel Lord

    Hi guys, I would be really appreciate if anyone could make this custom unit for me. The biggest reason for this request is because - I don't have the skills to make it and don't have the time to learn it either. I'm a really newbie when it comes to games. I just want to have the joy of raping...
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    How to virus in Warcraft III

    yes thanks to you I can, but he doesn't manage his own computers or know about them well enough (not even about the wc3 editor of course) to be able to comprehend how it would be possible to earn a virus through playing a game of a warcraft mod. he merely believes that wc3 was a root problem...
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    How to virus in Warcraft III

    indeed he is running windows xps no it's wc3;; most of his customers are asians and they are fanatic about dota and l4d
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    How to virus in Warcraft III

    my 'friend' owns an internet cafe and he said half his computers got infected from viruses caused by playing warcraft 3 LOL; i wonder if this has anything to do with it...
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    How to build a laptop?

    repped; thx guys for post:thup:
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    How to build a laptop?

    **New Computer Build** Check up please :) for previous readers - thx guys, I decided to go with a custom computer instead. I've done a bit of researching on the past few days and I have a build that I feel suits me nicely, can you guys take a look at it? Computer Parts Motherboard MSI...
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    A Model File for Shadow.Geminus

    lame.. i find a way for tinting,.. but didn't really work, it doesn't really tint the colors as much as i wanted it to; im so disappointed that blizzard had made these steps somewhat difficult and the ui quite hard to use EDIT: no changes. at all basically you go to the unit model actor...
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    A Model File for Shadow.Geminus

    yea , can't figure how to tint characters black... is it in the actor division? i tried changing the color to black for the model/actor but the unit it self didn't change.. help :s EDIT: what is that?
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    A Model File for Shadow.Geminus

    hi all, im new to sc2 and I was just playing this dota like custom map called Storm of the Imperial Sanctum, and found that the unit models for the heroes are extremely cool! I was wondering if anybody knows the model file for shadow or how to create it :) ty in advanced
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    Locust units can't be casted spells upon?

    title says it all
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    Tracking a unit's every action

    Is there a way to track a unit's every action and have another unit follow his procedures shortly after? I'm trying to make a spell where, a locust dummy unit is summoned and it copies every exact move the triggering unit does i have a few triggers that only track some of its abilities...
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    Quadruple attack

    extremely curious sorry for necroing but does anyone know how to do this?
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    Lightning Effect Visual not showing

    Puppeteers Hold Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Puppeteer's Hold Actions Set Temp_Loc = (Position of (Target unit of ability being cast)) Unit - Create 1 dummy2 for (Owner of...