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    WIP Ant Wars

    I'm sure there are also models for various insects on TheHive, if you want to check it out. The banner link is on the left side of the page.
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    Other Civil Battlefield

    Would something like an orc burrow work? Regarding the motivation issue, I find it helps to set a deadline to finish a map, within a month or two. They won't be perfect maps, but the perfect is the enemy of the good. (Or in this case, the existent.)
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    The Scientology thread - the OG!

    Is Scientology a recognized religion in France, or is it just considered a secular organization? I would assume the latter from this -- -- but if that's the case, I'd like to know how they distinguish between a "church" and a "sect masquerading as a church".
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    Sci/Tech Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life

    Then it will take over a petri dish in a sealed laboratory room. Ooh, scary. :banghead:
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    Politics Obama's verbal slip fuels his critics

    I agree that "faith informing politics" is more appropriate for the Taliban for the United States of America. But I do have to correct you on a minor point: most "hillbillies" are Protestant, both in the technical sense and as slang for "rural American". If you're going to bother...
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    General An Inconvenient Truth exaggerated sea level rise

    From the article: Something to keep in mind.
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    UK News Wilson row over green 'alarmists'

    For anyone who cares, the "King Canute" reference refers to a Viking king of England. The story goes that he was so tired of being surrounded by yes-men that he took his whole court out to the seashore, then pointed out that even he couldn't stop the tides from rising. Technically, it sounds...
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    General Album leak welcomed by Metallica

    Anybody remember the Napster controversy?
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    UK News The 50ft mechanical spider terrorising Liverpool

    The article itself always measures the mecha-spider at 50 feet wide and 37 tons. Though I find it odd that a British newspaper is using non-metric units.
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    General 'King of Voiceovers' Don LaFontaine Dies at 68

    Wow. I'm...suprisingly disappointed about this. :(
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    A good name for a war game

    You don't have to explain every last detail. But at least give us a genre. Are they fantasy hordes at war with each other, or modern armies, or fleets of futuristic spaceships? Is the focus on dueling and leveling heroes, on balancing large armies of units, etc.?
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    WIP Ant Wars

    Are you planning to use ant models in the finished version? It's not clear from the screenshot.
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    Creative Writing Class Idea

    It's perfectly possible, as long as they're not living in a history dominated by...say...two-thirds of the entire world dying, or the survivors scrabbling through radioactive wreckage for the bare essentials of life. If you assume your characters have bombed themselves back to the Stone Age, it...
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    Sci/Tech Massive floating generators, or 'eco-rigs', to provide power and food to Japan

    I'm not entirely sure where the "eco" fits in with these "eco-rigs". All right, so they don't produce any greenhouse gases, but they're still flipping the ocean ecosystem upside-down and filling it with "specially selected seaweed" to bolster their "dwindling fish stocks": that is, it's a farm...
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    World 5 buried alive 'tradition'

    Actually, no, this isn't about Sharia religious law. If Senator Zehri is correct, this is a specifically Baluch practice; it has no connection with Islam. Furthermore, Pakistan isn't a Sharia country. Even furthermore, everybody else in Parliament was upset and quite a few denounced him in...
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    Creative Writing Class Idea

    I understood your setting was a post-apocalyptic culture struggling to survive? With our current technology, it would take trillions of years to produce even a gram of antimatter; it seems odd that people living after unimaginable devastation (if you really mean that four or five billion people...
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    Environment Wind turbines make bat lungs explode

    From the article: It's not all about the bats, guys.
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    Sci/Tech Human exoskeleton suit helps paralyzed people walk

    Good to hear we're finally getting out of the lab and onto the market with this kind of technology.
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    General It takes my arm, I take its head

    Excellent post, TheHelper! Thanks!