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    Decent RPGs?

    The Chosen Ones. A massive single-player RPG. And the creator is still updating the game unlike all other RPGs. You still have a voice to change the course of the game, if you just speak to him.
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    Looking for new maps/games to play

    Here's one single-player RPG you may like, it's called The Chosen Ones. Self advertising is the best when you are at foreign territory.
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    Health Venezuela Bans Coke Zero Over Health Fears

    Yeah. I wish that would happen in Finland also.
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    What Do You Want In A Orpg?

    I have to have fun. Usually that doesn't happen in ORPG because it is too repetitive and no ending at all.
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    Campaign vs Cinematic

    I suggest to do cinematics one by one and in the end merge them to a campaign. But you really need to have a good story so people will watch your cinematic. Good luck!
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    The most promising projects currently?

    What are the most promising wc3 map/campaign projects currently?
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    Gaming World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King banned in China

    China just owned Blizzard. Good job!
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    Cinematic Brotherhood Of Kenji

    Yeah, it's boring if camera doesn't move. But it's also boring if the camera moves all the time. Example my theory is that when I do cinematics, all dialogs that lasts under 6 second will have a camera stay in one position. If a dialog is longer than 6 second I will make the camera move...
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    Reasonable filesize

    I think all files are good enough. I don't care much because I have myself 100 mb campaign...
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    How to make a multiboard like this?

    Just play with the multiboard and you will eventually learn. Multiboards aren't that hard. It's just hardwork, but few hours should make you multiboard. Good luck.
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    RPG Remaking "Legend of Dragoon"

    To wc3? I think it's a bad idea. Just make your own unique game! Remaking is usually a bad idea. Just play those awesome games! Don't remake them. It's impossible to create more enjoyable game than the original ones...
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    whats a good rpg for wc3? excluding Tkok and Tbr

    ORPGs sucks, try singleplayer RPGs.
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    single player rpgs and bnet comunity

    Mystery Of Friza The Chosen Ones Remember to give feedback.
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    Who won WWII?

    Soviet Union won.
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    Best RPG map(s) made for Warcraft III (TFT) ?

    It's always about ORPGs. What about single player RPGs? I think those are more interesting.
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    Single Player Maps?

    The first map is already two years old and is actually my third map ever. I'm not going to edit it unless there's a major error. The second one I'm still working and I'll listen closely if you have any feedback to give me. Good luck.
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    [Request] Auction System

    It's for Single Player. So there will be only 1 player.
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    Single Player Maps?

    Mystery Of Friza - A long single player RPG(5-15 hour). The Chosen Ones - A very long single player CAMPAIGN(10-30 hour). Both excellent RPGs and time consuming if you ask me. But of course don't ask me because I'm the creator of both. :D