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  1. PB_and_J

    Crime Kids throw stones at his house, he is arrested

    He shouldn't have called the cops and just went out with a shotgun.
  2. PB_and_J

    Worst thing just happend to me

    Thehelper to the rescue!!! Like a super hero :P
  3. PB_and_J

    YouTube Video Converter or something like that works well for me.
  4. PB_and_J

    Snow, oh snow!

    You cant take pictures of -50 Celsius weather here...:P
  5. PB_and_J

    Anonymous - Hackers?

  6. PB_and_J

    Flip Book Animation

    Really nice vid :)
  7. PB_and_J

    Mankind 'shortening the universe's life'

    Humans will be gone way befor the univers is destroyed.
  8. PB_and_J


    Canadians have thanksgiving, just a month earlier.
  9. PB_and_J

    Snow, oh snow!

    Love snow Love snow Love snow Love snow Love snow Love snow Yet we haven't had any that stayed yet, it's all the really light stuff that just blows away :( I'm so jealous of you :P And winterpeg has the worst winters :P -50 Celsius and we wont ever have a snow day
  10. PB_and_J

    Best Audio Editor?

    You need the dll to convert files to mp3.
  11. PB_and_J

    The Mobius Strip

    Very intresting, yet most 5 year olds know about that :P
  12. PB_and_J

    MySpace makes kids fat, claims minister

    Guess what, reading books and sleeping makes people fat!!! Everyone must be forced to be in hardcore activities 100% of the time!!![/sarcasm]
  13. PB_and_J

    Effects of the Writer's Guild of America strike

    Almost nothing I watch, excpet law and order and 24.
  14. PB_and_J


    I asked that same question and got the reponse of that image above :P
  15. PB_and_J

    Weird Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

    Was this a problem 50 years ago? Just shows that one day every single word will be related to sex and "offensive"
  16. PB_and_J


    He was in his own his own room, police can't arrest him there... Either way... Wonder if he made something like that.... :P
  17. PB_and_J

    Judge who sued over pants loses job

    Serves him right.
  18. PB_and_J

    Police: Teen hiding object shouts, 'Come get me, I have a gun'

    If your faced with some child threatening to kill you are you just going to stand there wondering when a good time for tea is?