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  1. Whoareyou.

    a new map

    Some screenies? :)
  2. Whoareyou.

    rpg help plz

    This game is Kill.Undeads ORPG. (Hopefully im not late)
  3. Whoareyou.

    WIP Warcraft 4 - Cataclysm

    Ooh Warcraft 4? Anyways what type of help do you need.
  4. Whoareyou.

    Need Spell Ideas

    Exactly what "element or type" of attack? Like flames :x
  5. Whoareyou.

    Idea helper I got an idea for everything!

    Check the Members Project and see if any need help. (I'm back ;D)
  6. Whoareyou.

    Anime RPG Warcraft 3 - How do you make Hollow Ichigo?

    Rabbit, Frog and Raccoon are not classified as "the same" item, so its hard to tell the different cuz the descriptions and title.. Then you type -create [I believe] then get Coins and create then fuse the Moonlight item with.. [Sorry memories not too good since I kinda stopped playing WC3] You...
  7. Whoareyou.

    TD drol's TD

    Nice TD, i'll try in a sec
  8. Whoareyou.

    Cthun RPG

    Wall of Text, add screenies -.-
  9. Whoareyou.

    Minigame Lava Tag

    Have something like Snowmen doodads and have them have a spell that makes them like one.
  10. Whoareyou.

    Other Rabbits vs Sheep - Winterspring Wargames

    Don't necro-post most likely they don't edit the map.
  11. Whoareyou.

    Minigame Click Your Pen

    Should have a school behind the teacher and every now and then she goes in, so its different than Poke the Angry Ogre.
  12. Whoareyou.

    Other Attack on the Royals!

    I might have time, post tommorow like 30 minutes before, if I see I'll test.
  13. Whoareyou.

    Minigame Lava Tag

    Probably the events but then after the volcano a blizzard comes and removes the lava and slows the beasts?
  14. Whoareyou.

    Minigame Lava Tag

    Add some lava that if snowmen step in they lost some hp and go slower?
  15. Whoareyou.

    Spell Ideas

    Hot Hot Hot would last for a small time [could give immolation].
  16. Whoareyou.

    Melee poison sting

    Envenomed Weapons?
  17. Whoareyou.

    Thoughts on this new idea i have :D

    So you plan on making it? :P
  18. Whoareyou.

    Trigger Problem - I want to make two quests in order without overriding one.

    Use conditions, is there like a if trigger is done one?
  19. Whoareyou.

    Spell Ideas

    Blaze Slam You get burned up and you slam the ground, dealing dmg and fire buff dps. Hot Hot Hot You get dps but whenever you get attacked you get bonus attack [stackable] and every attack does extra dps.