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  1. Ghostwind

    BSODs related to video TDR error

    Hi all. I've been getting a problem with BSODs every time I try to play a game on Steam. I've tried uninstalling steam, the games, etc. no luck. I've narrowed it down to a video card driver error, but I tried reinstalling the driver with no luck either. I originally had Version 335.23 but...
  2. Ghostwind

    Some viruses I can't get rid of...

    Somehow I picked up these viruses, and I can't get rid of them with Avast... Can anyone help?
  3. Ghostwind

    Macros for "next song" etc on iTunes

    I have some buttons built into my keyboard to pause, play, turn up volume, next song, previous song etc that work on iTunes even when I have another window up, but they're all broken now because I've pressed them so much :banghead: ...So what I want to know is how to make macros for each of...
  4. Ghostwind

    Need advice for a new rig

    So I posted on here a while ago about computer parts and got a few lists that seemed alright, but I never got the chance to buy the parts. That was 9 months ago, so I figured things would probably be different now; that's why I'm making a new thread. Anyhow, budget's about 750-1k USD and I...
  5. Ghostwind

    Colorful Glass

    Cool but a bit blurry. Try some shoopin' By the way... LAUMBUDA DUWIVUHH?!?!?!
  6. Ghostwind


    That actually truly was intended to not be a light source. It's supposed to be behind the girl; can't you see the lit up part on the top of her head? It was c&p'd from a picture of the Earth and her face is where the dark side was.
  7. Ghostwind


    I could always cop out and say the big building on the left is the light source :p
  8. Ghostwind


    probably, but what's wrong with it? looks like any other anime nose to me
  9. Ghostwind


    ... it's the same text as the perfectly readable part below it... may as well complain that you can't see the people in the buildings and the nose is part of a render :p
  10. Ghostwind


    i like this one
  11. Ghostwind

    Not Barack

    I see some kind of vegetable where the nose is o___O
  12. Ghostwind

    quick avatar

    rawr maybe it looks better as a lp
  13. Ghostwind

    Arena Rise of Sinnergy v1

    Do the heroes have sinnergy? And a pinoy who speaks english? You must be an impostor!
  14. Ghostwind

    Vector : Untitled... yet..

    Cutout filter on a face?
  15. Ghostwind

    Rise of Sinnergy Wall-1

    What gamefont is the "sinnergy"?
  16. Ghostwind

    The Decline of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

    It's just because Blizzard has basically ignored it; they never really maintained it much since WoW came out... now they really don't at all.
  17. Ghostwind


    Most ORPGs are really bad. I used to play True Chaos and TKoK which were alright, but everything else I tried was too much of a grind or just poorly made (or both).
  18. Ghostwind

    The Terrain Thread
  19. Ghostwind

    The Terrain Thread

    Lol darthfett I'm pretty sure 2-P knows it's me. xD
  20. Ghostwind

    The Terrain Thread

    TASTY SEXY MMH MMH DELICIOUSSSSSss!!! <3<3<3:o:o:confused::confused::banghead::nuts: