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  1. Monsterous

    His Hand Doesn't Even Move

    Butbutbut... his hand moves throughout it all D:
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    Auto spawn units from buildings like nexus wars

    Well in Nexus Wars, the units are trained, and a trigger detects whenever a unit is made, it does an attack move order to the enemy nexus. Event: When Unit is Created Condition: <none> Action: If Unit Created is created by player 1/2 Then: Change ownership to player 5 (The computer that owns...
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    Crime Glacier thief arrested in Chile - Designer Ice

    Im sure the person was very confused when they started to shout "Freeze"...
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    US News SOPA Gets Shelved.

    ------------------------------------ The Obama administration said over the weekend that it would not support legislation mandating changes to Internet infrastructure to fight online copyright and trademark infringement. "Proposed laws must not tamper with the technical architecture of the...
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    Sci/Tech Apple iPad is dropped from the edge of space and survives in full working order.

    Correct me if im wrong, but surely it wouldnt matter how far up you went from a plane - seeing as it will hit terminal velocity anyway?
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    Discussion The fast food thread

    Im guessing the first burger is burnt, since its on the dark side.
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    Stay a while, and listen!

    Stay a while, and listen!
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    Sci/Tech Player's stunt in BF3 game goes viral as 5 MILLION people watch his daring stunt!

    So awesome^^ However, this isn't the first of its kind. This was also done in 1942 - the plane would loop in a circle and you'd land on the plane as it looped down :p
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    UK News It's raining apples in Coventry, UK.

    Meanwhile, on a somewhat related note in Coventry, the doctors were away for some time.
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    Sound effects

    "I made a trigger with a sound effect and put it on 50% volume but it's still 100% volume in game" I had the same problem as well. What you could do is just copy the sound in the data editor, and increase its volume there, and play that sound through the trigger. "I made a sound effect trigger...
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    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    I hugged myself because i'm hot and I do what I want. Dawww, you :3
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    Starcraft II Tutorials Contest - Get Featured!

    Come Starcraftians! Craft tutorials in the name of FABULOUS PRIZES!
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    Complex spell help, + rep for help

    Heres how i would do it. Ability Cast > Search Area around caster, range 10 > Create persistent, 20 periods, interval of 0.25 seconds > Apply Behavior Effect > Behavior with stack enabled, times movement speed of target by 0.95 (5%). On the persistent, the FINAL effect will be a set effect...
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    Tutorial Data Editor - Abilities and Effects

    Ah true, i forgot about that. I'll add that in. Ah, awesome - I think i remember trying this once and it didnt work, might have typed it wrong. Many thanks :D
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    Starcraft II Tutorials Contest - Submissions Thread

    Tutorial Posted! Data Editor - Abilities and Effects
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    Tutorial Data Editor - Abilities and Effects

    ..Abilities and Effects ~~~~~The Contents~~~~~ ............Introduction .....How do Abilities Work? .........What are Effects? ....How do you make Abilities? .............Using Effects! ..........Using Behaviors! ..........Finishing Effects! ......Linking Ability to Units. ...........Testing...
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    Random Region for Findable Unit Spawn

    Make a region array, and put the regions into that array. Make a timer with a random real inside. (Turn it into a global variable so the second trigger will recognise it. Dont use "last created timer".) Then in the second trigger, when the timer elapses, select a region at random from your array...
  18. Monsterous

    wind walk data editor problems +rep for help (yes i mean u siretu :P)

    Put the two effects into a set effect, and trigger the set effect. It will now do both effects. Or atleast it should do.