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  1. kingkingyyk3

    Custom Backstab Problem

    Problems : 1) TriggerSleepAction does not allow such short period. You need a timer to achieve that. 2) You can't override the default order string. It should be "thunderbolt". Try this : library ShadowWalk initializer OnInit private function IsAttackerBehindTarget takes unit atkr, unit...
  2. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    The main problem is lacking of beta testers. :oops:
  3. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    Beta 14 is up!
  4. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    New update. Contains bug fixes. ;)
  5. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    Beta 11. Not even a reply? :( P/S : Added new features. :p
  6. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    Beta 09 is up! Critical bug fixes. Future beta will be focused on bug hunting instead of adding new features, then followed by RC (Release Candidate). :) P/S : Ignore the cheat and bug testing triggers. I used it for debugging purpose.
  7. kingkingyyk3

    Does Pow() create excessive proseccor drain?

    Maths operation in War3 is quite slow. In another way to make the spell work, you can make an integer array, store the data up in initialization function. When the spell is cast, simply use the data in array. It consumes more memory but less hogging to available raw power.
  8. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    New beta update, big improvement again! (Bug hunting yet to be performed and fixed in next beta.) P/S : NewGen 5e is bugged on this map now. When you complied the map by using it, 2 players are unable to build any tower as the ground data is messed up. Use NewGen 5d + Jasshelper 0.A.2.B.
  9. kingkingyyk3

    Would this be MUI? not sure how locals work...

    It can be MUI if the spell is instant (Without any timers/TriggerSleepActions). It does not matter if you use globals in instant spells as Warcraft 3 runs on single thread. So, replace the udg_units01[bct] with a local, then you are good to go.
  10. kingkingyyk3

    Hi tucker!

    Hi tucker!
  11. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    I'm back to resume the development of Element TD. What I have here : Element TD v5.2 Beta 04. ;) The coding is vastly improved!
  12. kingkingyyk3

    System Heal

    It is basically similar to Damage event. :) The demo map should give some hints.
  13. kingkingyyk3

    Can I use a function to destroy leaks?

  14. kingkingyyk3

    System Heal

    Updated to v2.0.0
  15. kingkingyyk3

    Can I use a function to destroy leaks?

    Even it does the trick, it isn't not recommend, because the efficiency will be lowered. TESH does provide autocomplete, which does not require you to type out the function fully. Handles from event response don't leak unless you assign a variable to it.
  16. kingkingyyk3

    Multiboard help

    I suggest you to use Board It's API is much more intuitive and foolproof compared to the default API. :)
  17. kingkingyyk3

    Most efficient way to create a blacklist filter?

    Actually the best way would be using array for O(1) checking, either table or hashing unit id into array will do. library Test requires Table initializer OnInit globals private Table UnitTypeFilter endglobals function BlacklistUnitType takes integer uid returns nothing set...
  18. kingkingyyk3

    Mass root, Damage over time trigger

    The beauty of vJass. Actually one dummy per map is enough, as the spell casting is instant if you set the animation time for the dummy to 0.000 library ForceOfNature initializer OnInit requires GT, TimerUtils, GroupUtils, DummyCaster globals private constant integer ABIL_ID='A066'...
  19. kingkingyyk3

    Element Tower Defense 4.4

    Any idea on the map progress? :P
  20. kingkingyyk3

    TD Element TD Survivor

    I'm quit from the development. Chances exist, I may still coming back for the development, but not now, it is still a long way to go.