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    World Doctors stunned by the twins who share the same brain, can hear/see together.

    have you even read the article? =.= tele = at a distance pathy = suffering i.e. affection of one mind by the sensations of a distant mind. Since there's only one mind in this case it makes no sense to speak of telepathy.
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    Crime Mexican Soldiers Seize Catapult used to hurtle Marijuana over Border

    I want one, but not for what you think! Uh... Uh... I need it for... Um... Smuggling Immigrants over the border! Yup! That's what I need it for, not for drug transportation... Haha >_> <_< >_> >_<
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    Crime Mexican Soldiers Seize Catapult used to hurtle Marijuana over Border

    You should've seen my expression when I realized what I just read. I had already read the next three headlines when it dawned on me. I had to read it again to make sure I hadn't misread. CAN'T GET IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD
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    Crime Anonymous exposes pedophile ring - hacks Lolita City

    First I was like: Yay for Anon! Now I'm like: :(
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    Sci/Tech Video: Google Finally Explains the Tech Behind Their Autonomous Cars

    Amazing to see it works so well. This is great stuff. Go Google go!
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    Simple Icon Modification [Wc3]

    I need the icon of the Circle of Power (ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNCOP.blp) in a version which would allow it to work well as a resource icon (see UI\Feedback\Resources\ResourceGold.blp as a reference). <- looks crappy, doesn't it? I bet you get what I mean.
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    Dan, August '04... How up to date is the fansite program?

    Dan, August '04... How up to date is the fansite program?
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    General Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, has died

    Yes, but A has been developed long after B and has got nothing to do with C. Then there's also D which related.
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    Crime Seattle 'superhero' Phoenix Jones arrested over 'pepper-spray assault' on woman VIDEO

    Police arrived after >20 minutes. Nothing more to be said here.
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    Crime Girl, 10, is raped, battered and buried alive… but crawls from grave to Id attacker

    Wow. I hope the girl will be able to cope with this outrageous injustice. And I hope this sick guy can still be helped; And if not, may he be protected from his own perverted desires and not commit such a crime against a human life ever again.
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    UK News Giant Whale Falls Out of Sky in UK?
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    Code Speed: Functions

    Fuck speed. Vexorian's optimizer transformed the first to the second in most cases anyway.
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    Does vJass support anonymous classes?

    struct data readonly integer priv_x method operator x= takes integer ax returns nothing if (ax >= 0) then set priv_x = ax endif endmethod method operator x takes nothing returns integer return priv_x endmethod endstruct...
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    World Norway’s foreign minister says country is ready to recognize a Palestinian state

    Nope, the writer's Corner decides that it is ready to recognize WEHZ needs its own forum!
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    Computer science != Programming Most excelent universities see Pogramming as a skill like basic math. It is a requirement, not something you learn there. Plus you usually don't need Programming anyway. If you are actually studying CS, look for a chair labeled "Software ..." like Software...
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    best way to: Store the units with highest custom value first in a unit array?

    You're absolutely right. I looked up bubblesort and found out that it uses a clever condition to exit early when the array was sorted. The sorting algorithm I had in mind didn't do that (and hence was in Theta(n^2)). Not that it mattered much though ; ) Jup.
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    Excessive use of accessors?

    True Don't overengineer unless you have to. There are cases where using abstractions for everything is a good idea. Sometimes it's just more work, fuglifies your code, but doesn't add anything. If you're using a good editor it is no problem to add an abstraction later. Don't misread this: As...