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    nvm I have found what I was looking for thanks
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    if I were looking for a particular old post/thread (seems like things are not quite archived like they used to be) how could I do it?
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    so they sell us a faulty program, and want money for the fix?
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    when i conduct a search, I can only view the first page of results - won't let me scroll through any others - says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. " its a find threads started by user search
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    Spellpack Boomerang and Orbital

    my inspiration for bommerang was from the phoenix - the other was inspired by a spell from AoM
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    Math Questions

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    Snippet ForLoopHelper

    how do you explain my results here? specifically here?
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    Some Jass system in my map going crazy

    yes that isnt related to anything I have made in the past
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    SetUnitState() Life Healing, Incorrect Increase!

    the math is right - something else is contributing to the units hp change
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    Increase Hero's Strength; No Stacking

    for MUI use a unit group
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    Help with angle math

    GetSpellTargetX/GetSpellTargetY work well
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    Constant Functions

    really the idea is, you allow users easy customization of spells/systems using the constant function - but then enable the speed efficiency of in-lining during processing
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    Global data?

    what is data? is it established as a variable type prior to your global deceleration?
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    Examples of channeling spells

    onDestroy is called following a .destroy(), which I think automatically calls .deallocate() maybe that is a problem?
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    Examples of channeling spells

    try thistype.create() instead
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    System Bonus

    this would have been great like 5 years ago when i actually cared - where were you then huh? I understand, from an ability level perspective, why you take an integer argument, but from a usage perspective, it should really be a real, as the majority of these values can have decimals - even if...
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    What's The Standard Timer System Nowadays?

    T32 is as fast as it gets, but has more limitations and will require more specific coding practices to use. If you're map gets really big it will eventually suffer from the op-limit TimerUtils is user friendly and slower A few more exist, but most, aside from TimerUtils, share the same...
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    Video Encoding

    one of the issues I ad with handbrake was that how it compiled the final file I like to view all the complicated info about the file using a program like mediainfo With Handbrake encodes, a lot of the info., for instance, audio bitrate, or VBR max bitrate of video, are not displayed. Have not...
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    Video Encoding

    So I have recently gotten into some video encoding. I was using Handbrake for a while, but its a bit limited and dated. I managed to snag a copy of Xilisoft HD Converter, but it sucks hard. It was supposed to incorporate some new AMD GPU accelerator to speed up encoding, but rips always turn...
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    Best Projectile system

    agreed - its really hard to easily take all situations into account - I realize this in retrospect, having wrote a portion of my own - I almost want to rewrite the entire thing to account for limitations inherent in the initial concept to be honest - I think the best approach would be generic...