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    Return to Form?

    Also AceHart. TH isn't TH without AceHart. Which went to my "Spam" folder - not quite sure why.
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    Return to Form?

    Tell me about it!
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    Environment Whale protection research boat hits endangered whale

    > But the accident shows how difficult it is to protect the animal > To me, if it can happen to NOAA, it can happen to anybody This suddenly reminds me of the Screamapillar Simpsons episode and Homer's quote: "Are you sure God doesn't want it dead?" :rolleyes:
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    First of all, security through obscurity (google if you don't know what that means) never works...

    First of all, security through obscurity (google if you don't know what that means) never works. If one person found it out, then another will for sure, sooner or later. Better make sure everyone knows of it. This is more dangerous because distribution is much easier and faster than...
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    I use Delphi.

    I use Delphi.
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    WTF!!! I just received an e-mail

    The point is that even if there is one out there that actually is true, it would just get ignored because of all the fake ones.
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    WTF!!! I just received an e-mail

    Beat you to it, phyrex1an. :P
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    Crime Pirate Bay founders sent to jail

    Fact: There is a bunch of sites out there that can be somehow used to find illegal material. So what makes The Pirate Bay different from other trackers or even Google? It's the fact TPB actually admits it and admits they hardly ever remove anything. This is what makes people upload "illegal...
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    Crime Pirate Bay founders sent to jail

    > Without them the real hosts of the data wouldn't be getting any downloads. Because TPB is the only existing place on the internet where illegal downloads exist? :rolleyes:
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    Crime Pirate Bay founders sent to jail

    > think about the media exposure that'll happen if bribery in this particular case got out. If you're wrong and it does get out, we will witness it soon enough. :) Anyway, from the TPB blog before the verdict: And after:
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    does still anyone use kattana's system?

    > Not very slow, is it? It is. Why use something slower when you don't have to?
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    ! NewGen not compiling vJASS !

    > Does filename have something to do with it? Quite possibly it doesn't work with Unicode filenames (weird characters).
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    Weird bug with mass invisibility

    Ambush Events Unit - Lord of Emyn Arnor 0177 <gen> Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Ambush Actions Set temp_point = (Position of Lord of Emyn Arnor 0177 <gen>) Set temp_group = (Units within 500.00 of temp_point...
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    Small Basic - Programming for the Masses

    > a really easy language with quick results Now that's new, isn't it? :rolleyes: You want simple+OOP? Check out Ruby.
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    If you were an Animal, what would you be? "A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes." "Some lions mate over 50 times a day." The dilemma... "A cat's urine glows under a black light." But glowing pee is too awesome to miss!
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    Collection of April fools jokes Also, ThePirateBay was bought by Warner Bros (read about here).
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    Legendary/Mythical creatures

    Represents speed, awesomeness and shows that you're a geek. The win combination (not a picture of me, just something I found).
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    Help: Newest World Editor

    Cracks and stuff like that aren't supported here. And they aren't even needed anymore. Just patch the game up to the latest version (1.23) and you no longer need a CD to play/use the editor.
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    -Level Info data missing or invalid. Help?

    That doesn't mean the map is protected. It means it's corrupted and sadly there's usually no way to bring it back. Hopefully they (you?) have a backup.