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  1. ArmedCitizen

    UK News Church of England removes devil from christening service

    I like this naked priest water park idea. As long as we change priest to priestess. Cause I'm sexist with my sexuality. Wait, can it just be nuns?
  2. ArmedCitizen

    Crime Six-year-old boy accused of raping his cousin, aged five

    Haha what? Stupidity and ignorance are dramatically different things. If they were playing Mommy and Daddy was it rape or mutual participation? If she can't give consent at age five how can he be held accountable at age six? This is more so one of those family secret things than it is a crime...
  3. ArmedCitizen

    Logo feedback

    Is the point of the fade to not be visible when shrunk? I guess I don't really know why dimensions you are imagining but I went pretty small with it, and it wasn't.. there. If you're going for the watermark thing though, nice pot. I like a good pot.
  4. ArmedCitizen

    Odd Skills/Talents

    I've never passed gas. Ever.
  5. ArmedCitizen

    Ghan - Server Admin

    Ghan is the man with the plan and strong back hand. And he has never given up on Legolas.
  6. ArmedCitizen

    Where the white women at?

    Where the white women at?
  7. ArmedCitizen

    (2011) Captain America

    Captain America and Thor are both my favorite Marvel characters, aside from Spiderman who has been more than ruined by cinema. Watching these trailers is a new type of full body orgasm.
  8. ArmedCitizen

    [360]Red Dead Redemption

    Got to admit I'm having a hard time remembering the social norms of a forum but I'll comment here anyways. I finally got around to getting this game and gotta' say,
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    They need to simply destroy the car industry and implement a system of mass transit coastal and international that would be effectively available to every economical situation. Such an easy thing to do and then everyone could do any harmful substance that their fragile mental state condones...
  10. ArmedCitizen

    Sci/Tech Google Has A Secret Fleet Of Automated Toyota Priuses; 140,000 Miles Logged So Far

    We are at the point of near-outwitting humans.
  11. ArmedCitizen

    The One Mother Theory

    It kinda' seems like a loose theory. Idk, I haven't looked deeply into any type of research. It seems near impossible though, maybe we all started from the same cell but the same mother is too far down the evolutionary trail for there to be one. Unless we came from that one number from near...
  12. ArmedCitizen

    US News Man Streaks in Front of Obama for $1 Million

    I like everything involved with all of this.
  13. ArmedCitizen

    Need name for my Hero

    Dood wit Kane. Kudo Stick Racecar.
  14. ArmedCitizen

    How would you describe America's culture?

    In two words; sexy. EDIT: Honestly, culture makes me sick. I don't know if that derives from growing up in an emotionally distant family or a town where the culture is torturing animals and drinking til your heart stops. I do know it's true. When I'm in the midst of another culture's...
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    I need links to every website you've ever designed. Go!

    I need links to every website you've ever designed. Go!
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    I haven't looked into the polices of deviantart at all. If I broke a policy so be it. If that is a violation of one of TheHelper's policies I apologize. I'm kinda' sad no one liked the arm. :( That was one of the few intentional parts. :P All your advice is much appreciated and will be heavily...
  17. ArmedCitizen

    Mastery System Preview

    So basically no change. Looks like a revolutionary waste of time to me.
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    Hey guys, long time no see. Comments please. It is a tad unbalanced because I have a shit load of desktop icons and tried to accommodate them.