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  1. YourFace

    World El Al Pilots Turn Back to Retrieve Child With Cancer

    I wonder how much money turning back costed in fuel.
  2. YourFace

    US News Man shoots, kills self in Houston Maternity Ward after wife gives birth

    Well every baby will eventually, when they mature, wonder who their father is or where they come from.
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    Health Doctors discover 'super honey' with amazing power to treat wounds and kill superbug infections

    The more they change the formula, the harder and harder it is to make it stable and useable. This results in higher costs, which is also why making new types of penicillin is difficult
  4. YourFace

    Sci/Tech China: Scientists grow human tooth using stem cells taken from urine

    Soon pee will be the most valuable resource of mankind. Big Businesses will hurry to monopolize all the pee in the world, leaving the poor to fend for themselves.
  5. YourFace

    Gaming Nintendo Faces Trouble Ahead

    The best title for Wii was supposed to be LoZ Skyward Sword but I found that game to not live up to the hype. Nintendo's Wii series won't survive unless the exclusive titles blow the audience away via Pikmin 3 beating Pikmin 2 as a whole, and a new LoZ beating one of the God games Ocarina of Time
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    Gaming Call of Duty “has almost ruined a generation of shooter players,” says Tripwire Interactive

    I don't agree, BLR is pay to win. The best equipment perks, etc. come from paying for them. Plus all levels generally face each other, lvl 40s vs lvl 11s. It doesn't improve multiplayer experience if only a few dominate everyone thanks to their gear
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    Report Children adopted by same-sex couples fare as well as or better than those adopted by heterosexuals

    Clap it up for Firecat. He finally said something that makes sense and is true!
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    Sci/Tech "I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates"

    We have two eyes, so if only the top right of our right eye's field of vision sees the image, then it'll be transparent(2 eyes) and very hard to focus our vision on
  9. YourFace

    World Alien Slime Found at Somerset Nature Reserve after Meteor Strike

    Basically the slime will find a host and we'll be like those characters in stephen mayer's new movie... EDIT: another terrible Love Story
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    Sci/Tech US military is issuing helmets capable of stopping AK-47 rounds

    I know this is unrelated, but is FireCat intentionally trolling us or is he just that ....
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    What's a good gaming mouse to buy?

    I want a mouse for RTS games like starcraft 2, moba games league, and my range is less than or equal to 60-70 dollars. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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    US News Trailer pulled for reality show starring rapper who fathered ELEVEN children by TEN women

    Yeah they could, or, more likely, they end up having multiple babies each so that they can be on Welfare, forcing me to have to personally pay for their survival through taxes.
  13. YourFace

    US News Trailer pulled for reality show starring rapper who fathered ELEVEN children by TEN women

    Thats 10 women and 11 children going on Welfare, using taxpayer dollars. Sadly this happens all the time. What a complete waste of money
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    Crime Drunk passenger taped to seat during JFK-bound flight

    Dang how much liquor did they give him wtf
  15. YourFace

    Crime Deadly shooting kills 26 in Newtown, CT

    What is the world coming to???!!!!!
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    General The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See

    Next level professional gamers will be blind
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    Sci/Tech Mouse faces extinction as computer interaction evolves

    There's so much delay on a touch screen, so even if you have finger hitting skills, it's impossible for it to be faster than a mouse with no lag or delay
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    World Japan Nation of Bullies: 57% Bullied, 27% Consider Suicide

    Yeah there's so many animes and mangas are about this bullying and suicide. It's something all of them can relate to