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  1. LordOglog

    Starcraft 2 new Battlereport!

    But if he destroyed the rocks when the protoss scout come through it would have been seen and the protoss player would have found his expantion a lot earlier.
  2. LordOglog

    Technology Inferno Speaker Blast makes you Vomit

    Yeah i have heard of tear gas, its just a more high teck version.
  3. LordOglog

    Technology Inferno Speaker Blast makes you Vomit

    So non-lethal, non damaging weapons that can disable say violent rioters without actually causing anything permenant isn't useful?
  4. LordOglog

    Problem with object limits!

    After extracting the zip to some folder, execute 'we.bat'
  5. LordOglog

    Growing Tree?

    Just a note, if any trees are created during the game (maybe to block off an area) you will need to add them with: Trigger - Add to Trees Regrow <gen> the event (Destructible - (Last Created destructible) dies)
  6. LordOglog

    Units, Bouncing...

    Just download a physics system/motion system, then install and learn it. MADOS is one I can recommend (here) Also SEE (here) is another I think would work.
  7. LordOglog

    Problem with object limits!

    You don't need to know jass to use newgen.
  8. LordOglog

    C compiler

    Microsoft Visual C++/Codeblocks
  9. LordOglog

    Rise Against

    Rise Against are better though :) just go on their Bebo page, practically all songs on there. Their Bebo Just click play all in the songs section.
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    Tool Request Thread

    Posted by PitzerMike on wc3c: The Widgetizer converts the object data files in Warcraft maps to SLK tables and TXT files. Additionally the WTS strings of the map are internalized. This will result in a remarkable decrease of loading time (up to 80 percent). Doesn't say anything about imports...
  11. LordOglog

    Tool Request Thread

    You need a trigger for that not a tool, just search anyways. Also I think I have seen an auto leak fixer before but once I have completed the other project I'll probably try that. Also the import cleaner is doing good now, should be finished soon, as long as nothing too bad happens.
  12. LordOglog

    Tool Request Thread

    I could probably do it, but it would take time, so I won't for now, but if I have lots of free time someday perhaps I'll try it. In reply to path finder I think there is already a tool that does that, but I shall have a go as well.
  13. LordOglog

    Tool Request Thread

    I've never tried, but I suppose I could.
  14. LordOglog

    Tool Request Thread

    Ok accessing the boolean wc3 uses might be pretty hard so instead I'm going to make a program that extracts all files then checks the names of the imports against the references to imported objects in the scripts.
  15. LordOglog

    Tool Request Thread

    Right I know this is a bit weird and probably won't get used but would anyone like any tools creating? I have free time and I would like to help the community but tools are the only things I'm any good at so fire away, after all what have you got to lose, and please no contravertial requests...
  16. LordOglog

    Not your typical server split

    Are you playing with people who have already downloaded the map and have not changed map name (i.e. form v0.75 to v0.76) If their computer thinks it has the right map but really doesn't it might screw up. (note only an idea no factual basis)
  17. LordOglog

    [Tip] How to play Warcraft in a window

    It's not forced, its a setting used by blizzard just like -opengl.
  18. LordOglog

    what would make less lag

    Also try preloading, I'm not sure exactly how it works but it should reduce lag when placing new units by loading them beforehand when there should be less lag (normally in cinematics)
  19. LordOglog

    Help makeing creeps into heroes

    Create a new hero and change the model and stats to that of your creep, any custom skins should work properly as long as you use the right model.