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    Bigger maps: JNGP or shrink models and camera zoom?

    I just allow players to go back to the original camera distance by pressing escape.
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    Unnamed trigger keeps appearing, can't run map

    Tried a few different things; actually copying over each trigger was the only thing that worked. I had tried looking in the .wtg file before and even with the link Midna posted I couldn't get it to work. Thanks for the help.
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    Unnamed trigger keeps appearing, can't run map

    I don't know how this happened, but a while ago, my trigger editor displayed a trigger with no name (which the editor usually won't allow), which I couldn't delete or modify in any way. I exited the world editor and reopened it; the trigger was gone. I tried to test the map but it wouldn't...
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    share gold

    I have no idea why that happens either. I use a TempUnitGroup global for almost everything but I tried it with a different one once and nope. Please let me know if you find out what's up with that
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    Hero experience explains the gameplay constants values. As far as I know all you can do via triggers is change experience gain by a percentage, and add/set current experience.
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    If Computer has Vision of a Certain Unit

    There is a condition, ((Picked unit) is visible to Player 1 (Red)) Equal to True
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    Vampirism pillage? effect.

    Well, you could give your units the Pillage ability and set its allowed targets to "none" according to a recent thread. Then trigger any unit using that ability (starting the effect of an ability? I'll test some stuff for you if you want) to give its owner X gold, and use a condition along the...
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    Runed Bracer Problem

    Okay, I tested it by giving a unit both a 1.00 runed bracer ability and a -0.20 runed bracer ability and whichever ability was first in the list in the Abilities field in the object editor was the one that worked. I.e. if the unit had 1. 100% reduction and 2. -20% reduction, it did 0 damage, and...
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    Runed Bracer Problem

    I have to go away for a bit now but just so you know, I'll test this later
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    Cleave ability [Hard]

    But you could still base it on a spell with no target and have a dummy unit cast breath of fire or something.
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    i want a trigger

    If you still have waits in the loop: Also, (Matching unit) should be (Picked unit) I assume?
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    Improve minions on hero level up.

    Player - Set the current research level of Tech to x for Player 1 (Red)
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    Difference between GetUnitMoveSpeed and GetUnitDefaultMoveSpeed?

    Default is the unit's default movement speed as specified in the object editor and the other one is current movement speed, which can change through things like freezing arrow
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    i want a trigger

    Timer windows only show if you use following action: Countdown Timer - Show (Last created timer window) So does the other stuff work or not?
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    Are you looking for this action? Hero - Modify Strength of (Learning Hero): Add 1 Otherwise you just have to use the Attribute Bonus ability. Using the Item Strength Gain ability just gives your hero the ability to give strength to whoever "picks him up."
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    Line of sight unit Shockwave.

    I believe this is it Unit - Create 1 Dummy for Player 1 (Red) at (TempPoint offset by 250.00 towards (Facing of (Casting unit)) degrees) facing (Facing of (Casting unit)) degrees where TempPoint is the position of the caster
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    Line of sight unit Shockwave.

    What do you mean by "line of sight shockwave"
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    Destructible and detecting it's life.

    There's no event for a destructible's life, but there are conditions. Dunno if that helps, you might want to post the trigger or specify what you want to happen when the destructible reaches a life percentage.
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    Simple Trigger...

    Yes, Kaerf is right, I just tested it and expiration timers do work on buildings, they just don't show the timer bar.
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    Trigger Help

    Yes you can. Do you mean something like this: This is the future you chose Events Time - Every 11.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set TempUnitGroup = (Units owned by Player 11 (Dark Green) of type Footman) Set TempPoint = <your point>...