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  1. Parsimony

    WIP War of the Shifting Sands

    NO HIGH OVERLORD SAURFANG?! HE SHALL GRIND YOUR TINY SKULLS BENEATH HIS TOES! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU----- No srsly. The terrain looks awesome, and it has a nice storyline.(which i really can't credit to you. lol.) The missions sound quite epic, even without the Almighty High...
  2. Parsimony

    Defense War of the Spells (Official Thread)

    Rofl. This map suddenly burst from the ashes. Good luck this time, the past version was pretty cool.
  3. Parsimony

    RPG Unlimited RPG

    I bet nobody saw that one coming. At least he's being reasonable. But really, there are alot of ways to improve your first post. It seems like you're comparing your map with the bad aspects of MMORPGs (see: Nondescript MMORPG#1-3902841) instead of Warcraft 3 ORPGs. With great pride, may I...
  4. Parsimony

    Campaign Warcraft IV: The New Age - |Map of the Week #10|

    I see you made a storyline that actually connects with WoW lore, even to some extent. Very good work on your part, and good luck making this project.
  5. Parsimony

    Defense War of the Spells (Official Thread)

    Jebus... :eek: My Warcrapped is fully installed now, i'm gonna try it out. Now, if only i can get this damn ITunes to work...
  6. Parsimony

    Defense War of the Spells (Official Thread)

    Knowing the fact that this is actually a unique Hero Defense with excellent terrain and a storyline(an extreme rarity), i don't think that this thread should die just yet. I'ma try the new version now, so expect some feedback. :thup: Edit: Damnit. Sorry, i had to reformat the PC due to the...
  7. Parsimony

    Making a Shoot Skill

    How do i make a Firebolt/Shockwave skill that automatically fires in front of the caster without targeting anything?
  8. Parsimony

    Follow Range?

    Yup, it worked. Well... kinda. It was following me properly and attacking my targets, but when i moved during battle it stopped fighting and followed me. But it attacks the enemy right away when i stop moving so it works for me. :thup:
  9. Parsimony

    Follow Range?

    Hmmm... I'm gonna try it right now. Edit: Oh, sorry. We posted at the same time. I'ma try it right now. Thanks :)
  10. Parsimony

    Follow Range?

    I need some help... I'm trying to make a passive hero skill that gives you one Defense Drone per level to follow you around and and shoot nearby enemies for you. The problem is, i can't use the right-click trigger. They get left too far behind before they start following and i want them to stick...
  11. Parsimony

    RPG Dark Invasion II - [ORPG] - |Mod's Pick|

    This rocks. The first one was great, but this one doesn't even look like it's made with World Editor... plus, from what I've seen in your vid, the multiboard's layout looks very clean. And you can keep track of your quests now! Yey!
  12. Parsimony

    How to: Make Spellbooks

    I'm quite confused about changing the Hero-learnable spellbook icon. Is it possible to change it from the original without it turning all green in-game? it's 12:00 in the evening here right now and i'm too tired to figure it out.
  13. Parsimony

    War of the Spells 0.10 beta

    I soloed it for some time... how do you win anyway? You can definitely solo this map as Earth, not sure for others though. They couldn't even damage me with my awzum 79% damage reduction and mad regen (I had 2 of those fancy pendants that give a regen aura). You really should look into that...
  14. Parsimony

    Starcraft Zone Control

    Hail Doomhammer, lord of Zone Controls! Huzzah! :D
  15. Parsimony

    Warcraft Zone Control - 2nd Edition

    Yep, I'm still here. And the map, apparently, still ain't finished as well. It's been a loooooooong time now... yep. ding :)
  16. Parsimony

    Warcraft Zone Control - 2nd Edition

    3 PAGES BACK? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Really, after playing WoW for some... ummm... *Counts Fingers* Eh, a few weeks, i go to TheHelper site to see this? Blasphemy! But this project is still under construction right? :(
  17. Parsimony

    Warcraft Zone Control - 2nd Edition

    Awesome. Everything. Except probably the possible lag that you mentioned... I mean, some people even DC while playing (blech) DoTA or (not blech) Tree Tag. This might be hard to play over the net... :( But I still wanna try it out.
  18. Parsimony

    Warcraft Zone Control - 2nd Edition

    Yo Doomhammer, how's the map going? It's been a really long while :(
  19. Parsimony

    Child Scolded on Ventrilo during a Raid

    Yo Jose. ROFLSORZ!!!
  20. Parsimony

    Stalingrad Tactics

    A meaty part of the success of the Russians at Stalingrad was the terrible weather. I think you should add weather conditions and death from exposure (hehehe :D )