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    need a good gaming mouse....

    I used to use the EXACT same mouse. I tried to get a picture, but my webcam is black. I probably broke it when I took my computer to my grandma's for thanksgiving and back. It was a cheap cam anyway lol. I stopped using it when the connection broke at the front, it would short out and play...
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    I need a 1month XBL pass!

    Well, I asked my friends and none of them have one or they haven't found any yet. My friend rented Army of Two today and I have it, but my XBL ran out last month. I'd like to play it with him because playing with the AI isn't nearly as fun. But I don't play XBL very much, it would be a waste...
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    I don't use that forum :rolleyes: Alright, delete this then, if you really think it matters... But move that one where it belongs. meh
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    Then it's not searchable in the games section, and I haven't seen it... I really would have liked to see it before though. Theres some really cool creations on The Phun Box you can try out! Use the arrow keys usually, or numpad/wasd for some. I'm trying to figure out all the hotkeys and stuff.
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    I've always enjoyed sandbox games. Those "falling sand" java applet games, and the crayon physics were always a good way to pass the time. There was always something missing though... This game is called Phun. It's a 2d physics sandbox game. Create shapes, weld or rope them together, attach...
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    Vista : Directory

    That should give you all the information you need. Just go to drive C, look for the folder "rscache", if it isn't there create it, then do the steps given by rapmaster above. You used to be able to choose the applet which runescape used which is what the final paragraph is talking about. It...
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    Multiplayer PHP game, real time..

    This was the key in your post Player11, telling him to use an example. Not nearly as 'blunt' as that uncatchy acronym Phrexr1an created :P In either case, although this thread is a bit old... Ertaboy, in your third post you say the game "will definitely be turn based". Thats the opposite of...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Played the demo awhile. I'd rent it for the single player but the multiplayer was the typical balance issues/bunnyhopping as seen in all previous battlefields. Aside from multiplayer ranting, it was a cool game. I loved watching people run in a building to hide from your tank and just blow the...
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    Steam Accounts

    I play GMod. I own CS:S and the orange box but I don't like any of those. I also have Synergy, Empiresmod, and Age of Chivalry although I don't play those very much. I use my cousins account because when I bought gmod he already had counterstrike. Since then I put orange box on it and bought...
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    Diablo 3 being announced?

    Yeah when HG:L came out it was very unfinished. You would get stuck on just about every car, box, wire...flat ground... etc. When I got the guardians charge ability my friend got jealous because I was able to get out of being stuck :P Also the leaping things would freeze in midair, they still...
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    Diablo 3 being announced?

    The hair color and other customization was a waste though. You cover it up with helms anyway. Even your armor doesn't look the same on other people's computer. Those bright-colored tubes on those one pants don't actually shine for other players. Even if they have high graphics. Although I did...
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    Diablo 3 being announced?

    They will keep the amazon and probably some twist-off of the sorceress. I mean they need a ranged class and a primary caster. That leaves on empty slot which will probably be another fighter-type class (Paladin). I will miss necros though. Army of skeletons was awesome. But the...
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    Diablo 3 being announced?

    Get out of here Uberplayer! We hate you too! :P I had no doubts about it being Diablo III. It's nice to finally see its real though. Looks great too. Love the physics, combat will be very fun. Hopefully they balance the classes better around high levels so that Paladins aren't the only class...
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    Blizzard Teasing Diablo 3 Splash Art?

    This is the best news since the diablo II no-cd patch! Well, that was only last week. And yeah its definitely Diablo. It's great. I just recently started playing Diablo II again with a couple friends and we heard about this yesterday. Perfect timing. I expected Blizzard to be more subtle...
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    A calculator I made

    I don't think I could have learned to understand more complex things in programming. Things like pointers and references in C++, and understand public/private variables in declaring objects. Also, don't you think its kind of pointless to put your name in such a trivial program? Calculators...
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    Diablo2:LoD Loopback/Freeze

    Well the most recent patch is v1.12a (released two or three days ago), which you can download Here. It's worth mentioning that if you do a full install (with cinematics disc) you do not need your CD to play (similar to Wc3). However I don't know of anything that would be causing this. The...
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    OS hunting!

    You just need to take care of your PC is all. Theres nothing wrong with windows. Proven by a fresh install of windows with updates and correct drivers, you will run flawlessly. It's spyware, adware, virus, crapware like toolbars etc. that make it run slow or crash. Either pay top dollar and buy...
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    Looking For a Name For a Clan (was: Naming help)

    All so generic... LOL How about "Digital Cartographers"
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    Satellite or dial-up?

    7gb could work out. Just limit yourself for downloading demos or game patches. Most game patches are under 200mb. Youtube videos are usually between 10-30mb. You could download about 350 youtube videos before hitting the cap. You probably wouldn't be able to watch half that on Dial up. I would...
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    Gaming World's first 3D Mouse was borned (January 8 2007 News)

    My friend has a 3d mouse, its for model editing not gaming though. Its got a really heavy weight on it and you just pull up. It sucks, but its old. So there have been 3d mice before. Still, this one seems alot better and is really interesting.