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  1. Stephen

    Game Crayon Shin Chan now available

    Surprised nobody has posted this yet. Details on the discord.
  2. Stephen

    Discussion Resurrecting Nuance

    While testing Nuance on my laptop, I noticed that the Tempest 3000 demo on the Toshiba sampler also crashes every time trying to start the game. Not sure it will help find the issue, but just another data point.
  3. Stephen

    what is kprintf?

    Can't say I've ever seen this. I always used DebugWS() to get the cool vector font for debugging.
  4. Stephen

    I'm back

    Damn, them balls is good indeed! After a 20 year slumber, the smallest of burning embers have been re-kindled. I'm setting up a GIT repository of some of my ancient Nuon stuff. It will remain private for a while. The reason I am setting it up, is I am resuming work on my Breakout demo since...
  5. Stephen

    Discussion NUON Games Demo Disc Re-Release - Oh Yeah!

    If the source code for my stuff on that disc is not on the disc (I don't think it is), I'd like to release that if you do another run of those discs. I may also have slightly newer version of the Breakout demo.
  6. Stephen

    Game Sheshell's Sea Adventure

    Wow - I also don't remember this.
  7. Stephen

    Some Interviews With Vm Labs Employee's

    Great - thanks for posting these.
  8. Stephen

    New Huge NUON Purchase

    There is a downloadable full version of the game on the Toshiba sampler. It's truthfully a game that I would pay $10 for. No way in hell am I paying $790 for the case and booklet.
  9. Stephen

    Discussion You want this (NUON Official SDK, NUON schematics, NUON manuals and more)

    I've never ran linux before, only ran this on Windows. But it sounds like a path variable is not properly set. vmcpp.exe should exist in the vmlabs\bin directory.
  10. Stephen

    Nuon Controller Info

    I am sure this is probably either already out there, or posted way too late. But while searching my archive tonight to help a new Discord user, I ran across the following:
  11. Stephen

    N-504 photos

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. Stephen

    Untold NUON Tales: Dragon’s Lair 1+2 and Space Ace

    Seems a bit sad that this cannot be archived now. Maybe at some point, so the info is not lost.
  13. Stephen

    NUON USB Controller Adaptor from RobertDaleSmith

    Just completed my pre-order. Can't wait to see if I can get my existing spinner to work with this.
  14. Stephen

    Untold NUON Tales: Dragon’s Lair 1+2 and Space Ace

    Cool info - too bad nothing was archived. Are there copies of this Don Thomas disc available by chance? I have very vague memories of hearing about it, but never did get a copy.
  15. Stephen

    Discussion Untold NUON Tales Series - The History of NUON from the people of NUON History!

    Interesting - I like this. Definitely interested in what you'll be sharing.
  16. Stephen

    Old NuonEm and Nuance versions for the archive

    Was talking to some folks on Discord, and there has been a request for old versions of Mike Perry's (Riff) emulator. I do not have any source code, unfortunately. I was just an old school guy helping him test the emulator. I think it's cool but also scary how fast time goes by. A note from...
  17. Stephen

    Discussion Resurrecting Nuance

    Wow - change log looks great for this! Downloading and testing it now.
  18. Stephen

    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    I've unfortunately never seen one of those in the wild. My guess is it's a prototype, and like all the other controller related stuff, could be easily recreated IF we had a stock of original Polyface chips. We have none. Hopefully, these new devices coming out will eventually replicate the...
  19. Stephen

    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    I'm on the list. Most exciting thing about this (IMHO): " Possible serial communication for developers " listed as future possibility.