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    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    Andddd purchased! Thanks Carl!
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    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    Oh snap, NUON USB controller adapter preorder!
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    The NUON controller people

    Ah gotcha! Yeah that Samsung controller that came with the N591 (Korean exclusive) looks to have the worst placement for action buttons EVER! In the middle of the controller directly below start. How could they think that would be a good idea??
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    The NUON controller people

    Why do you say that? Pretty sure it's the exact opposite - there are more players than controllers, as the vast majority of consumers bought NUON players as DVD players and had no interest in the gaming aspect. Since only the Samsung N2000 player came bundled with a controller (at least in the...
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    Want a NUON pen?

    Thank you. DM sent!
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    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    Yep, rotary controllers have been done in the past (a very small run) using the "Yak Twister" boards made by Lee Olivares (he who must not be named) - he's the guy who has been hoarding the polyface chips and refuses to play nice with anyone. Here's a video by Nick P. (a good guy) who has made a...
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    Want a NUON pen?

    I'd love one if they're not all accounted for just yet!
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    SOLD: nuon lot (players & controllers)

    PM sent yesterday. Cheers.
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    Discussion Two finished NUON games that never were released - but exist somewhere...

    K3V's story about Bust-a-Move-4 is spelled out pretty well at Nuon-Dome here. It doesn't sound like it was a licensing issue but more like VM Labs was running on fumes by the time they got around to putting the finishing touches on the game and then they went kaput. The version he has, from when...
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    NUON games on the Atari VCS console?

    Neat idea, but I'm thinking that since Tempest 4K is coming to the VCS (announced in August), Atari probably won't put an effort into NUON emulation.
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    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    I'm also curious about @atarigalore's friend's adapter. He said it would only take him 10-20 days to get his adapter working for Nuon controllers and that was back in March. Hmm...
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    anyone got a open copy of Merlin racing

    Just open yours and play it. Games are meant to be played. Merlin Racing is the second easiest to find Nuon game (I get that it's still not *common*), after Ballistic, so just open it up like it's Christmas morning and get your kart racing on!
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    Discussion Which Nuon model should I buy?

    Congrats! I find it interesting how so many people kept the sticker in the top right corner. I see more units with the sticker present than sans sticker. Looks like your unit may be missing the controller port cover but not a big deal since you'll ultimately want to have both of those ports...
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    Decaying Orbit - one of the best NUON Games

    This game did get released physically back in 2005 on the NUON Games + Demos disc. Kevin Manne (K3V) mentioned relatively recently that he would look into doing another run of those discs but that he would have to get permission from the various programmers whose work is included on said disc.
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    NUON-Dome Forum NUON Controller Giveaway Voting

    Thanks, again, @The Helper for doing this contest, and to everyone who voted for me. The HPI Stealth controller arrived safely. Time to get our two-player gaming on!
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    My Nuon DVD N-501 loading issue

    I'd return it for a full refund if I were you. Sounds like the laser is shot. @midnight8 is right that these players can be repaired by swapping out disc drives with one from a donor player, but in your situation, backed by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, I'd get a refund. That's assuming the...
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    Someone dropped 1250 bucks on this Nuon System on ebay

    Yeah that's way too much given the issues listed. That said, it was $1,250 OBO, so there's a good chance it went for much less. I do wish eBay listed the true selling price when a Best Offer is accepted.
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    NUON-Dome Forum NUON Controller Giveaway Voting

    @The Helper said voting ended Sunday at midnight, so I believe the contest has concluded.
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    Big News on NUON Controller Development

    Yes that's what has me so hopeful! Carl is the man.