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    System Advanced Indexing & Data Storage

    I have a question how can i take the struct that i assign to unit.I use these two bot non of them works local MyUnitStruct uData = GetUnitId(GetTriggerUnit()) local MyUnitStruct uData = GetUnitIndex(GetTriggerUnit()) i made the struct AIDS struct with //! runtextmacro AIDS() edit: I found...
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    Please tell me where the code leacks

    this is the code private function moveMe4 takes nothing returns nothing local location tempLoc local location tempLoc1 //call BJDebugMsg("me4") set tempLoc = GetUnitLoc(GetEnumUnit()) set tempLoc1 = PolarProjectionBJ(tempLoc, 4.50...
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    Add event to scope trigger

    Hi i read a tutorial that i must make my trigers with scope but when i wont to add event to this triger outside it how it can be done
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    My hero does not revive

    it was the i exeed ax food limit.can delete if you wish
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    My hero does not revive

    hello i when i try to revive my heroe after dead it isnt working what coud be the reason for that .I try to make to revive isntanty after dead or to store a variable with unit and rise it after that but it isnt working.
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    passing vars when call fourgroup

    then how can i make MUI that use unit group
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    passing vars when call fourgroup

    Hello how can i pass vars , structs etc no mater when i call a unit group , do i have to attach somthing to the units or enithing else .I have timer , and i want this not to be a global var .I want to make custom chain lightining like one in dota that medusa have , but i need this that i asked...
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    Problem with channel ability

    I make ability based on channel but when i learn it with my hero it isnt showing on abilities that it have .What can be the reason for that
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    Help for MUI spells

    i found system it is called ABC and dont gives me errors .I am up to date but the eror on another systems is present
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    Help for MUI spells

    i tried 2 sytems CSCache and TimerUtils but on saving they give me errors .So can you give me a system that will work and can you explain me how to implement it , i am stick so please help me.