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  1. Rllulium

    Does Channel Spell show up?

    No, you just have to change the field "Base Order ID" to something else. (This, too, only works with channel)
  2. Rllulium

    Does Channel Spell show up?

    You need to check "Visible" under Options. Only channel has this field in the object editor.
  3. Rllulium

    System slows game down

    Keeping track of every position will hit a memory limit at some point. Also, why do you need this? There might be other implementations to consider.
  4. Rllulium

    Snippet Beta: Circles

    JASS uses radians for angles, don't you think that you should too? To avoid unnecessary conversion.
  5. Rllulium

    Trackable Problem

    You could always base the trackable of the "invisible platform" model and resize the icon image to fit. Also, I know Tides of Blood has a system like this in it's newest release, you could always try asking those guys how they did it.
  6. Rllulium

    WIP World of Warcraft3 Instances [Pre-Release Thread]

    It is fully possible to make these types of abilities without using Autocast buff placers. If you are using Damage, it is fully possible to simply trigger the effect on the next attack following having activated the ability. Besides, the druid has no such ability at the moment, one wouldn't hurt.
  7. Rllulium

    WIP World of Warcraft3 Instances [Pre-Release Thread]

    I have to say that I think you need a better system to handle the feral druid's melee combat. Having to select the ability and then the target rarely feels smmoth for melee range abilities, and having to constantly spam these abilities is royally annoying. The death knights combat flows much...
  8. Rllulium

    [Model?] UI Modification Request

    I tried something like this a while back; and my quick foray into importing new UI files proved rather fruitless. As far as I know, you can only import new art assets, FrameDef documents cannot be replaced.
  9. Rllulium

    Procedurally Generated Maze

    Well, it all comes down with what I have to work with. The dungeon gate is alot better suited for this type of maze as opposed to the setup you were suggesting.
  10. Rllulium

    Procedurally Generated Maze

    Random dungeon? Funfunfun. This is a little heavyweight at the moment, but I'd be delighted to get some feedback on how to improve it. Note that the maze is being built with coordinates 0.0 as its lower left corner and that this is to be considered the starting point of the maze. The...
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    Sure... fire away.

    Sure... fire away.
  12. Rllulium

    Looking for Capable Spell-makers

    Alright. Well, tell me if there is any specific ability you might need help with and I'll see what I can do.
  13. Rllulium

    Arrange Skills in a Spellbook

    As far as I know, there is no way to set a spell's position in a spellbook. It ignores the usual settings for this.
  14. Rllulium

    Looking for Capable Spell-makers

    I might be able to do a few, but I'll only chime in if they are heavy on the trigger part. I do loathe working in the Object Editor. In any case, how do you plan on distributing the abilities? WoW has alot more spells at 80 than you can fit on a WC3 command card.
  15. Rllulium

    Global data?

    Struct indexes are integers. (A struct compiles to an array)
  16. Rllulium

    I'm new to structs

    Make a library: library Movement initializer OnInit Libraries are automatically put before scopes. You can also specify a requirement, that will put the trigger after the requirement: library Movement initializer OnInit requires ThatOtherLibrary
  17. Rllulium

    Spell behaves weirdly, help needed!

    Now, I don't know what the his new trigger looks like, but if he followed that tutorial I linked, there should be no need for that. Just move any group actions into the filter and always return false.
  18. Rllulium

    Spell behaves weirdly, help needed!

    I don't have time to find the problem in your trigger atm... but i will check it out later. As for now, you should probably check out these: Timer32 Leakless Groups
  19. Rllulium

    Problem with Chaos(Ability)

    Alright... in any case, different ranges for different weapons were firstmost a possibility that I came across and not something that I had given much thought to. Anyway, I tested War Clubs and got these resulsts: - The units Attack information disappears. (Not desireable) - It doesnt work if...
  20. Rllulium

    Problem with Chaos(Ability)

    If I still have to use Chaos then I still need to adress the original problem in the OP. And if I fix that, I can just use my original system. Also, I don't understand what you mean with "Diablo II based range system".