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  1. Dakho

    What makes games scary?

    Atmosphere, for one. Playing Amnesia isn't scary just because there are scary zombie things, it's because you're in an environment of creepy supernatural events and constant darkness. There are very few "safe" zones, and even the places that are safe don't stay that way for long. Pacing, as...
  2. Dakho

    Favorite SNL skit in a long time

    Seriously hilarious. Imo.
  3. Dakho

    The Walking Dead

    was really good.
  4. Dakho

    How would you describe America's culture?

    Especially if you don't live in America. I'm curious as to how the world views our culture, as I find we don't really have one other than gangsters and rednecks.
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    Subject: We Were Wrong

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    Subject: We Were Wrong

    Subject: An Opportunity added.
  7. Dakho

    Ysera = HOT!

    Yet another re-skin of Sylvanas, but it does look good. If only player models were that high quality.
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    Subject: We Were Wrong

    diary entry added.
  9. Dakho

    Campaign data?

    Ah, thanks a bunch :D
  10. Dakho

    Campaign data?

    Where might one find all the data from the campaign, such as the special units (firebats, medics, etc.), heroes, and other various data? I can't seem to find it anywhere within the editor.
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    Subject: We Were Wrong

    Two diary entries added.
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    Subject: We Were Wrong

    Convenience Store transcript added.
  13. Dakho

    [360]Red Dead Redemption

    Favorite game of 2010 thus far. I love it.
  14. Dakho

    (2011) Super 8

    He gets things moving and the movies he directs generally end up good. While I didn't like MI:3, it was given the highest rating in the series. His other projects, Cloverfield, Star Trek, Lost, Fringe, and Alias, have all been great successes. Although he has very limited involvement with the TV...
  15. Dakho

    (2011) Super 8

    Looks awesome. I love everything J.J. Abrams has done (well, except for Mission Impossible), and having Spielberg on as producer certainly doesn't hurt (deep, deep pockets). And just like Cloverfield and Lost, the fake sites/media is always awesome to uncover.
  16. Dakho

    How can you tell if its your graphics card or CPU This site will help show how your comp compares to the minimum/recommended settings of just about any PC game, very useful if you're not sure why a game isn't running well.
  17. Dakho

    Massive Cataclysm Leak

    Pretty much every zone is detailed in there with hundreds of pictures. Also, there's some profession and achievement info. Proceed with caution if you don't like seeing things before experiencing them, as there is a LOT to see...
  18. Dakho

    PvP Gear to be more accessible

    This makes sense. PvP should be about skill rather than gear anyhow. Good to see it :)
  19. Dakho

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    It's a game both hilarious and fun. If you haven't played it.... then play it.
  20. Dakho

    Cataclysm: Sink Into Vash'jir

    nah, it's a 78-82 zone