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    Challenge of the Day

    I liked this one. A lot. Not a lot of description involved, but for some reason I can still imagine the scene clearly. This is something I want to incorporate with my own writing style, maybe I'll give the next one a try, since I can't think of anything to write about the current topic.
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    Path Of Exile

    Almost looks like Titan Quest 2.0, I'll give it a try.
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    Reading and Writing Resolutions?

    Eh. I'm new to the whole 'Write-Edit-DisplayOnWeb' deal. I have loads of crap here, but I'm not sure if it's quite up to standards in this forum. Then again...
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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer

    Treyarch needs to step it up for the PC version. I'm freezing up and everything every 5 seconds, and it's because of the stupid game not being optimized and leaking. The hot-fix I got today only made it slightly better for the first game. After that the memory leaks piled up and owned me.
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    League of Legends anyone play?

    So I remembered someone asking about SEA players, Garena fucked up badly and SEA players are allowed back into NA and Europe LoL. Just a friendly heads-up.
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    I know I win. I'm just that bad-ass.

    I know I win. I'm just that bad-ass.
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    Fallout New Vegas

    Okay. So I bought the game off of Steam and started a new game, and a few seconds later I thought I was playing fucking F.E.A.R or some shit. These videos was exactly what had happened to me. Twirling heads of fucking doom. ToKIkw3LIoQ The dog's eyes... are on it's neck... q24grxb9RHg
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    Desert Strike Units

    Viking Bay is a doodad model that can be found within the New Folsom group of variables.
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    League of Legends anyone play?

    Well, it's the internet. I'm not going to rage on people through a game. If you played with/against me, I'm silent in game. There's no need to add fuel to the fire or feed the trolls. I'm just annoyed to a high level with people who are generally ingrateful or have no clue what they are talking...
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    League of Legends anyone play?

    Solo ranked is a big fucking joke. No one else wants to play a fucking tank, so when I do they expect me to be fucking everywhere. "Shen! Protect that tower!" Yea, I'm already defending the other turret you told me to fucking defend. "Shen, where the fuck were you during that 1v1 fight?" I...
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    Isalnd Defense Coming to SCII

    More of a question really... Why make a rehash of a Warcraft 3 game which the original author is already making in SC2, instead of coming up with a freakin' new cool idea for a game?
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    Focus Fire

    ... Or you can base the ability off of Berserk to add the atk spd [this ability is given to the hero], then... you can make a Roar with negative atk dmg values and just make a dummy unit cast it around your hero/unit/whatever, then just force atk that one unit... unless you want to make it so...
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    Order unit to stop training last trained unit?

    Make a metamorph spell for each unit you want your Egg to make, set the casting time for the spell to be the build time. EDIT And... hang on... you already asked this before. I gave you the solution already to your other thread. Look there.
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    Cancelling bounty

    Set the unit's bounty to give off the same amount of Gold in Wood too. Take a trigger to subtract the amount of wood gained in Wood and Gold. Done and done. EDIT: Unless the random seeds that give out gold is different from what is gained in wood. Then... Make the units ONLY give out Wood as...
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    Order replaced unit to train unit being trained by triggering unit?

    Yo! Was just thinking about something... Why not just use Metamorphosis to change the larva into those weird Zerg eggs, and then use the Custom Value part to indicate which unit the Egg will train? So, order of events: Larva -> Beings to Train a... Zergling lets say. Trigger -> Give Larva a...
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    Glad to see people like the story. It's not worth any marks now so we're a bit lazy now. Ah crap, now it's my turn to finish up the next one...
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    Bout time?

    Bout time?
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    League of Legends anyone play?

    Oh god... Lady Gaga + Gragas =
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    Um... We need more content

    Apparently, there is an unconscious vibe centered around 2012 that is spreading amongst the inhabitants of thehelper.