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    Reorganization of Forums

    Entertainment is for things like books, movies, music, etc... Until an entire industry is built around people taking about how they can't wait for the next big 'lolcat photo' to come out, it's a general discussion thing, not an 'entertainment'. And if you believe entertainment should be things...
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    Weird 'Half-Sheep Half-Human' Baby Causes Outrage In Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria

    Humans and Sheep cannot breed. That is all.
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    Hey Jindo! I have a question for you about flash. Think I will be able to talk with you...

    Hey Jindo! I have a question for you about flash. Think I will be able to talk with you tonight/tomorrow? :)
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    you're not allows to spam it with wasteful posts.

    you're not allows to spam it with wasteful posts.
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    Crime Bus Driver Loses Job After Assaulting Student Who Used N-Word

    You are aware that the word was made for one purpose only? That was to degrade black men and call them slaves. It is not appropriate for anyone at all to ever use the word, because it had no other meaning that for racism. I seriously hope you're trolling.
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    TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

    Yeah, My original accout was taken out in the crash. I didn't come back for a while after the crash too. I also don't think anyone would know my original account name :>
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    Varine Doodle Sketch

    fire cat... you are.. highly, highly special. not take this shit out of the humor zone.
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    General Black bear terrifies customers as he drops in for a late-night pizza

    Oh my, that's quite the grizzly tale. hopefully they can bear it.
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    Buying a Laptop

    according to this: yes it is.
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    Buying a Laptop

    I am in the market for a laptop, currently I am looking into the 15" Mac Book Pro. With all the inercharging it will run me 2600. Link: I am willing to pay for the upgraded: 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 8GB memory Hi-Res Anti-Glare...
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    Make Me Some Tilesets! (Please?)

    Here is a tile set for an icy feel. edit: I can't seem to go the TileTest to read my image.
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    The Good Old Days

    Aww how cute. seth forgot about me. :P joking aside... I don't care much for the old days, which were not as old as some of your old days. They were nice, but so is the now. both are different, but doesn't mean the now sucks.
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    Nyan Cat

    no, this is ont in the wrong forum. Listen to this.
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    Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

    alas, not all whimin shall be amazing in the facial region. Thats why there is the term butterface. And really, with makeup on and photoshop katy perry looks fine.
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    Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

    you must not be a boob man. :P
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    Sexy Whimin [Picture Heavy]

    We need moar sexy in here. Katy Perry - She has great 'talent'
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    Sexy Menz [Picture Heavy]

    This thread has too many broken links. We must fix this! Ryan Reynolds - Hawt? edit:: I just went through and pineapple smash! all of the whiminz, and the lame images. I kept the humourous stuff however. :)
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    Gaming New Nintendo Console is Wii U, Controller is a Tablet

    I personally think it's an awesome step in the right direction. I would love to have 4 controllers each with individual screens that would have each players character data and other things like that on it. Tobad you can only use 1 of them at a time. And if you can just move a game from the TV to...