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    A cap on maximum mana of a hero?

    @B0ndo: Items would still give intelligence and the problem would remain. @tommerbob: Thanks.
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    A cap on maximum mana of a hero?

    Is it possible to trigger a hero to have a maximum mana pool of 100 at all times regardless of intelligence? This could be useful for creating heroes with special mana mechanics. What I want: A hero has 100 mana when he is picked. When he levels up and gains intellect, mana pools still stays...
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    Passive spell that spawns units like pocket factory

    Is there any simple way to make a passive spell for hero that would spawn a permanent summoned unit every X second interval? Like pocket factory, except on the position of the hero. The spell should also have a cap of summons, for example when it has spawned 5 units they stop spawning.
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    sound files?

    You have to replace some sounds of ingame sound sets I believe. This will obviously cause the loss of the previous sound set.
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    How do i use a ability as a unit model?

    I don't think that is what he means. Maybe his problem is that the ressurrection animation does not stay there but loops?
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    What icon shuld i use?

    There isn't really that many blood-related icons ingame, so I would suggest you to get something custom. I personally think this icon fits purpose of bleeding qute well: BTNAbilityWarriorBloodFrenzy
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    Flash upon attacking and removing it shortly

    I tried creating effect at location of Rifleman-hero that would create special light effect ( at position of the unit, and the remove it something like 0.05 seconds afterwards. But the...
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    Icons not displaying

    Like Zealot said, and remember that the icon name itself (Like BTNStormbolt) has to be same as before, but with DISBTN instead of just BTN (DisabledCommandButtons\DISBTNStormBolt)
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    Attacking Shade

    Other possibility would be to use Voidwalker tinted completely black, it does not look exactly same, but it looks somewhat shade-ish.
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    Item System for RPG

    So, I am planning to make single players RPG, with a itemsystem that is not that complicated. I got 2 possible ways, you can tell me which you would prefer, too: Style 1: Limiting certain type of items (such as Weapons or Armor) to maximum of, lets say 2. If I wanted to make it so that you can...
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    Tilesets (Now again)

    Maybe his point was that there is no other way than triggers?
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    Why doesn't Chemical Rage give your hero a buff?

    Because it is transformation ability, it does not have buff. But you can add your own by giving him some hidden aura with buff of your willing and remove it when he transforms back.
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    call functions

    Or do you mean like ?
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    Still having Conditions Problems

    Edit: Sorry misunderstood what you were asking.
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    I don't want units fight in a video

    Set them to allies at the beginning and back to enemies when cinematic is over.
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    Still having Conditions Problems

    Read what that guy earlier said, "condition==>>Integer Comparison==>>Game Time Equal to 6.00"
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    Need Leader Power Ideas

    Jedi: Force Choke (Yes, I know): Small AoE, like 300, which causes all units in it to take slight damage per second and slow them slightly. You could either make it so that they only get slowed and damaged if they are in the AoE or make it a buff.
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    Wc3 filming program
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    Wc3 filming program

    I don't think there is any special program for only WC3, but Fraps should work fine.
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    Making a passive "Thunder Clap" ability

    Skill Events Unit - A unit is Attacked. Conditions (Level of [Ability name] for (Attacking unit)) Greater than 0 (Random integer number between 1 and 100) Lesser than or equal to 10 Actions Set Point = (Position of (Attacking unit)) Unit -...