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    its such an easy task, if you cant sort out with the solutions above maybe world editor is not for you.
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    Darkness at night

    or try a fade filter with black mask and 50% transparency
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    how to change the facing degree of buildings?

    You also dont have to feel bad or discouraged about asking a question. This forum is meant to help people and answering doesnt cost anything...
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    give some kind of classification for those particular watchtowers, like ancient or summoned, then add a condition about it to the counter. ((Triggering unit) is An Ancient) Equal to True
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    If you put multiple events in a trigger that means it will run if any of those event happens. try this: Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Watch Tower Actions Set count = (count + 1) Events Game - count...
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    Why is It not Remove the Unit from the Group?

    no, actually its very easy to make this pushback MUI, just implement the sliding in the same trigger instead of a periodic time event in another trigger. i mean put this to the end of your push back trigger: For each (Integer A) from 1 to 10, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
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    ¿ "call RemoveLocation (udg_TempPoint[?])" ?

    Have you ever heard about loops? Arrays meant to be used in loops anyway.
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    Why is It not Remove the Unit from the Group?

    the problem is waits mess up all triggers, during 0,4 seconds all your variabbles can change, and they porbably are changed. For example i guess after 0,4 seconds your (Temp_Group) variable is not what it used to be. You picked up units from Temp_Group but who knows which units are in temp group...
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    Why is It not Remove the Unit from the Group?

    This is a very bad implemetation of the push back effect, the lots of if condition nested in eachother isn't healthy... Not to mention this could not be very accurate. this is my implementation: Push Back Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
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    count player group and give gold

    Okey then the only thing i can think of is that your group somehow changes between 0.10 and 3.00. To debug try to add the gold actions to the first trigger because lots of things can happen during 3 seconds. Better would be to add this line to your pick up player loop: Display to (all players)...
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    count player group and give gold

    so basicaly you didnt add any player to player_group[1]... I am surprised that sometimes it works with player 1 (red). I think you dont really know how variables work. may i suggest this tutorial for you:
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    count player group and give gold

    Pots that part where you add players to the player group, because the problem must be there, not in the lines you posted.
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    Issue Order "Cancel"

    Here is the solution for your problem: 1 save the units being selected by the player in a variable 2 select the building where you need the process to be aborted for the given player 3 Action - Game - Force UI cancel (for the given player) 4 reselect the saved units
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    A way to select a number of trees within range?

    Its very easy: Set i = 0 Destructible - Pick every destructible within 256 of (something) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (i Less than AmountIneed) then do (Destructible - Whatever action) else do (Do nothing) Set i = (i + 1)
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    Problem making custom campaign

    - drop some start locations - set player properties go to the trigger editor and delete action: - enforce victory/defeat conditions - create starting units - remove creeps and critters from blba blabla, make a trigger with an event like player 2's food used becomes less then 1 (its in event -...
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    Is max movement speed 522 ?

    Ok, i tested again it seems i was wrong :( Sorry guys i was the dumb here.
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    Is max movement speed 522 ?

    1. I replied cuz i ran into this therad uppon searching things, and there are only missinformations in this thread so i wanted to give the proper informations for those who find this topic like me. 2. you are wrong, it works ingame... I tested and they can walk as fast as light lol:) i tryed...
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    Animation - Backwards

    my solution consist 1 function call and produces the same result... here it is: call SetUnitTimeScale(unit, -1.00) -1 means the animation will be played reverse with the original speed.
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    Is max movement speed 522 ?

    You are all wrong, faster than 522 is possible indeed. First you need to increase the max movement speed with the shift trick amongs the game constants, then you can change the speed in the object editor (with the shift oc).
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    JASS: Moving From GUI to Jass, the Start

    Ive never tried jass but according to my coding knowledge (c#,java,pascal) and as i know how computers and processors work i really doubt you can do those things, or actually you can, but it would end up in an infinite loop. Edit: Ok, I explain a bit more precisely: The program cant calculate...