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    Movement with keyboard

    ArrowKeys o_O I think I got one Player - Player 1 (Red) Presses the Up Arrow key Set ArrowKeyUpPoint[(Player number of (Triggering player))] = (Position of SaveLoadPlayerHeroSingle[(Player number of (Triggering player))]) Unit - Order SaveLoadPlayerHeroSingle[(Player number of...
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    Showing Damage

    In Defi4nc3's orpg, when you do damage it shows the damage you do as either the critical strike or a floating text. I tried to make that, but I just couldnt make the trigger to do it. I tried using takes damage event, but I have to set it for every unit on the map, and then Id have to deal with...
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    Save/Load Code

    Well yea i know how to put it into the initialization database, but how do I save it? I know that you have to make it search through the abilities with Integer A, but all that other math stuff seems complicated. Do I basically have to do the same thing except make it save the ability? Meaning...
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    Terraining - Advanced

    Seeing skies :confused: How can I adjust the camera so i can actually see the sky?
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    Save/Load Code

    One question Thanks so much Effane your name is on the credits with huge thanks :D , but one question. How do I configure the save/load trigger to make it save abilities?