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    Just wanted to say thanks!

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I figured I'd post it in the ole World Editor Help. I was looking through the well preserved archives here in TheHelper. I found this thread I made back when I was 12 years old and oh boy, substrings...
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    Guys, I have a proposal...

    It won't. Come on, think about it... This website functions for mappers, not players.
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    How to make cloak ability like WC3's permanent invisibility?

    Lul, I mean I wanted the cloaked attacker to reveal himself when attacking for 2 seconds. I've done something for that already, this thread's done I guess.
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    How to make cloak ability like WC3's permanent invisibility?

    Summer's back, and I'm doing projects out of boredom again. Every mapmaker should be familiar with what I'm talking about.
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    Technology Anonymous takes out and

    I don't get it. Anon is helping geohot? He's a freaking asshat. I've owned a PS3 for 5 years and I've been forced to pay 60 dollars per game. And looking back at it, legitimacy over piracy doesn't actually hurt me as much as I'd expect it to feel. Sony isn't going to back down on a fight...
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    HELP! C program doesn't run properly for several reasons. The program contains prices for 5 products in 5 categories. The product's name and price are listed in variables. (integers and strings) Once you select a category using getch(), it'll give you a list of products of that selected category. It will ask you for a...
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    [Map Idea Discussion] An Economy Map

    Workers and Houses. - Good idea. 5/5 The Warlord and Armed Forces. - Still a good idea, but I don't really trust the system much that much when factors like out-of-the-game friendships comes along. 4/5 Should players attack other players? Mixed. This would pan out well if there were more...
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    Crime Army targeted U.S. senators with psy-ops

    The Men Who Stare At Goats anyone?
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    US News High School Student Suspended Over List Of Girls

    Someone did that too. Years ago, made a top 20 list of girls and for some dumb reason posted it in public in Multiply. He's admitted he likes guys and stuffs like that, I'm surprised he made a list on girls, and not boys. Oh and every girl on or out of the list pretty much bashed him to the...
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    Overheating issues.

    I recently bought a CoolerMaster Vortex 752 and TX2 Thermal Paste. Culprits are the following: CPU Cooler is shit. Stock Thermal Paste was used, thus it equaled to shit. It's 33 celcius at recent boot up, 40 at idle times and 48 when browsing the web and stuffs. I still have to try playing...
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    Overheating issues.

    Aight, I'm going to buy a better cooler for the CPU. It's always sticking at 60-75 celcius.
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    Overheating issues.

    What I don't get is: Aren't all CPU coolers designed to cool the processors to a safe level, no matter how old the cooler is?
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    Overheating issues.

    If stationary, you mean desktop, then yes, it is. When I mean hibernate at 85, I meant the program called CoreTemp initializes hibernation if the temperature stays at 85 for half a minute. I thought I had normal temps, but this worries me then. Temp right now is 59. I'm not sure, but since...
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    SSD vs. SATA

    I don't like SSD. They're not big enough yet. They're not cheap too...
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    Overheating issues.

    I set CoreTemp to hibernate at 85 degrees Celsius. It keeps on happening at games like CoD BO and Rome Total War (Because they use up a lot of its power) This never happened when I had my Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz, but when I upgraded it to Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz, it started having heat issues...
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    Movie desktop wallpaper -vlc

    You should try DreamScene. It's been discontinued in Windows 7 but you can still activate it. It was a nice feature in Vista.
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    US News Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning, Destroyed

    For a second, I thought it was the Jesus statue in Brazil. Would have my mouth opened for a day or two if it was. Anyway, for people who doesn't believe in a faith and are only here to tease people with faith, stop it...
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    General Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Hunted by Pentagon

    The founder should demand 20 million dollars to be donated to the less fortunate. Too bad I can only fantasize about it.
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    Sci/Tech Japanese firm wants to transform the Moon into a giant solar power plant

    Poorly thought out, IMO. Also, America got the motivation to get further to space by planting a flag on to the moon.