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  1. jaybles169

    Distinguishing between Timers

    Ah alright. It'll probably just be easier to make the triggers. Thanks guys.
  2. jaybles169

    Distinguishing between Timers

    Is there a way to distinguish between multiple timers in a single trigger? I don't see any timer related conditions. In the Timer event it mentions using Event Response - Expiring Timer but I can't find it anywhere. I have about 8 repeating timers that I want to keep track of and it seems like...
  3. jaybles169

    Defense Hell Defense v1.0

    Thanks for playing :D Interesting you thought the Tauren was underpowered. I feel like he's one of my favorites and one of the strongest with his high crit chance. You can get him critting over 10k pretty easy, and his AoE stun is pretty strong throughout the game. As for the Paladin, he's...
  4. jaybles169

    Defense Hell Defense v1.0

    I guess I just didn't want anyone to snag it. But the more I think about it, the less I care. I'll swap it out the attachment. It shrinks the map size too, but I guess its not that big anyway.
  5. jaybles169

    Defense Hell Defense v1.0

    Hey guys. This is a map that I spent a greater portion of my sophomore year of college (600+ hours) making. I made it primarily because I loved the old school Hero Defense games, but none of them were ever balanced extensively and they had like 40 characters that had zero thought put into...
  6. jaybles169

    Wait or Wait (Game-Time)?

    You're the bomb tom. I'll see if I can get that to work.
  7. jaybles169

    Wait or Wait (Game-Time)?

    Thanks for the reply. What action should I use then for the periodic portion of it?
  8. jaybles169

    Wait or Wait (Game-Time)?

    Ran into an issue with this trigger and a couple other triggers that utilize a similar idea. This is intended to be a heal over time potion, healing x amount each second for 5 seconds, but sometimes they bug out and don't stop after 5 seconds, thus repeatedly healing a character for an...
  9. jaybles169

    Crime Mother of Starved Child Believes He'll Live Again

    I think the fact that the Bible as well most all religion is open to interpretation, which is its main downfall.
  10. jaybles169

    CTF Forest CTF

    Idk if the project died or what but, i do have a suggestion. The map was cool, but i say maybe set all skillset hotkeys for each hero to q, w, e, r, to make it way easier to cast spells and what not. I played as the bug warrior guy and the holy light hotkey and storm bolt hotkey were the same...
  11. jaybles169

    WIP Epic Dungeon Siege

    You should definitely get a test map up, this sounds like it'd be fun as hell to lan with some buddies.
  12. jaybles169

    WIP Oddworld - The only SurvivalRPG/Hero Siege/Aos/Boss Arena map!

    I dl'd the map and tried playing, but every time I try to create the game it just goes back to the lobby you know what that's about? Also WE crashes if I try to open it.
  13. jaybles169

    Editor can ban users?

    I wouldn't think that would work very well though, maybe it would the first time, but considering they could just add a character or alter their name very slightly and it would nullify your code...
  14. jaybles169

    [WC3]Newgen (or just regular) World Editor can't test (Windows 7)

    I think it's a Windows 7 problem, I get the same thing (just installed W7, and am not using newgen). I ran World Editor as administrator and it worked like a charm.
  15. jaybles169

    A Facebook group for us SC2-Modders!

    Just joined :). I originally wasn't planning on getting SC2, but now I think I might if not just for the Editor. Sounds like it's going to be pretty kick ass.
  16. jaybles169

    Easy way to make this spell?

    Acid Bomb does actually work the way I originally described, but after trying it out it doesn't get the results I want, because if the AOE'd units die from the damage the 'effect' doesn't get applied...but for simplicities sake Cluster Rockets works just fine, and looks kinda neat too (using...
  17. jaybles169

    Easy way to make this spell?

    So, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to make this spell or if there is one as a base already, because it's very simple. All I'm looking for is a targetable missile spell that does AOE upon impact. Any help would be awesome.
  18. jaybles169

    Who says there are no more great writers in the US?

    4, 5, 6, 9 all made me giggle
  19. jaybles169

    RPG Knights Requiem

    Tooltips: Elementalist should be capitalized. Paladin is spelled wrong. Quests: I liked the presentation. Terrain: Eh. The town is super congested feeling. Also you need some sort of theme, there are too many different terrain types used in too little an area. Items: You need some kind of...