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  1. Zaraf

    Zerg Drop Pods?

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. You need the campaign dependencies in your map to see the library below.
  2. Zaraf

    Data Editor too complicated for me

    If you're going to make a TD, my suggestion is start reading through some of the posted tutorials. There are tons of tutorials on making basic TDs. Most of the editing required for a TD is fairly simplistic. Try making a scripted boss with custom abilities that are graphically demanding and...
  3. Zaraf

    Zerg Drop Pods?

    Open the campaign map in the editor and look at how they do it. They have some campaign functions that call the drop pods and such. It's easier to just see how Blizzard did it than do it yourself. That's what I did at least.
  4. Zaraf

    Looking for Data-Editors

    No offense, but this map is going to fail. For 3 reasons: 1) 7v7 players is almost never going to be played enough to gain popularity. The higher the player count for a map, the less likely and harder it is to raise in popularity. 2) You're using WASD controls. Fail. WASD controls on Bnet...
  5. Zaraf

    [WIP] Smash TV 2010 - Boss Battle Preview

    lol yeah, he dies practically at the same time ;) We've added some new stuff to the fight so we're hoping to make a new video soon.
  6. Zaraf

    UI Trigger Help

    Instead of the long nested IF statements, you should use a single Switch function.
  7. Zaraf

    [WIP] Smash TV 2010 - Boss Battle Preview

    Due to a scripted boss contest over on sc2mapster, I decided to accelerate the development of a boss battle in my Smash TV 2010 map and the resulting boss battle is quite stunning.
  8. Zaraf

    The New Editor Compared to the WarCraft Editor

    Me thinks Sevion doesn't like GUI much ;)
  9. Zaraf

    [Map] Headquarters

    This map is awesome. We just need to get it up on the popularity charts now :)
  10. Zaraf

    No one joining public published map

    Well what I don't get is some of the current "popular" maps are terrible! There is this one open RPG which is basically nothing but open terrain, and the ability create whatever unit you want, where ever you want. I can't imagine that being a very fun game for "most" people. I think people...
  11. Zaraf

    No one joining public published map

    They should have an option to view maps much like you could in WC3. I can see the usefulness of the Popularity, but removing the ability to see any other maps with any efficiency is just plain stupid. I seriously hope they give this an overhaul soon, or the mapping community will not be as...
  12. Zaraf

    Element Tower Defense

    That map also says that it is copying Element TD's layout and some stuff. So it's not really stealing anything, or even really trying to copy Element TD entirely. More like a weak attempt to recreate some of the features.
  13. Zaraf

    No one joining public published map

    I publicly published my map and made a game, but in an hour now, not even a single person has joined my game. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get people to join my game? I've heard it has to do with popularity, but how does my map become popular if no one plays it?
  14. Zaraf

    Killing All Units Owned By Player

    Here is the problem I'm running into: Raynor Dies Events Unit - Any Unit dies Local Variables LocalUnitGroup = (Empty unit group) <Unit Group> Conditions (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == Raynor Actions Unit Group - For each unit...
  15. Zaraf

    Killing All Units Owned By Player

    I'm trying to create a trigger that is basically when a key unit dies, then all units of that player die as well. I thought it would be easy, just something like: Event: Unit - Any Unit dies Conditions: Unit type of Triggering unit == Raynor Actions: Pick every unit of Owner of...
  16. Zaraf

    JASS functions

    Actually a return like that DOES work, and what it does is stops the function right there. You can even use it if the function returns nothing, since you aren't specifying a variable type to return.
  17. Zaraf

    JASS functions

    call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ( ConvertedPlayer(GetForLoopIndexA()), Player(5), bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED ) Since it's clear that you're using Alliance Allied (and assuming you're not going to change that, you might as well just do this to get rid of the BJ: call SetPlayerAllianceStateAllyBJ(...
  18. Zaraf

    Conditions vs. Action-ifs

    function Cond takes nothing returns boolean return a == b and a != c endfunction That is all you need.
  19. Zaraf

    Spell Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited

    Does this version bounce off cliffs? :)