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    randomn movement help

    how do you make all units belonging to player teal attack move randomly in the whole map? sorta like kodo tag's kodos
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    thats it, thanks
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    How do you make floating text follow above a player?

    also, how to make you not drop an item?
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    which section is the switc under?
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    unit gets specific item and dies

    how to make a unit pick up a specific item and die?
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    Change gate type/activate gate

    How to change the gate from "debreis" to "a building" when a unit does what he is supposed to do (ex. kill a monster or step in a zone?)
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    unit hp help

    how do you make the unit's hp 1, but the hp does not show when you click on it? how do you make it have a visible attack value but it wont attack?
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    help please!

    i made a trigger htat respawns units, how do i make it respawn units only if tyhey are in the game?
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    Trigger, then wait, then another trigger

    how do i do this (as a triger). the trigger selects all units on map, then kills them all, then waits 5 seconds, then creates new units, facing angle. i finished, i just do not know how to do the wait 5 seconds after killing units :banghead: units - kill all units wait 5 seconds
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    Trigger help

    how to make a trigger that: kills all units on entire map, then adds back in the default units already starting on the map (i can do this individually, for 8 units only)
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    expiration timer

    like for summoned units
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    time of day permanently daytime, pathing

    how to set time of day permanently daytime? i try to set collision = 1. i want them to be able to pass literally right through eachother
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    expiration timer

    how about for units?
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    expiration timer

    how to add expire timer?
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    magic immune

    how to make a unit magic immune?
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    misc questions!

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    misc questions!

    how to: make units spawn in 3 different reigons (random choosing reigons, i have about 50 reigons, so it chooses randomly between all of them) every 5 seconds, and only spawn untill the limit of 200.
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    permanent imolation

    teheee >: ) thanks