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    It depends, some east-asians grow up to be on the tall side, im the tallest person in my family, its all about the stuff you did while you were a kid that promoted stuff like growing, and most importantly, eating will make you grow also. And theres no secret to getting muscle and working all...
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    Health Rapid Increase of Worldwide Laziness as Global Physical Activity Levels Decline

    We're going to end up like those humans in wall-e
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    Minecraft: To Buy or not to buy?

    Reading the runes is supposed to be like that, its not a bug or anything, you have to memorize the characters and then take a shot in the dark
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    Compare two songs

    I have two songs right here, one is by liszt, and the other is by chopin Liszt Chopin Opinions can range from technical ability to romantic interpretation, doesnt matter, just want opinions on both
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    Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

    Phi Brain: Puzzle of God (ファイ・ブレイン 神のパズル Fai Burein Kami no Pazuru?) is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise which began airing on NHK-Educational from October 2, 2011. The series is directed by Junichi Sato with script supervision by Mayori Sekijima. Hajime Yatate, the...
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    Guilty Crown

    Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン Giruti Kuraun?) is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Production I.G which airs on Fuji TV's noitaminA program block in October 2011.[1] The story of Guilty Crown is set in 2039 and revolves around Shu Ouma, a boy who has acquired an ability called the...
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    Your Thoughts On Vaccines Shots?

    doctors and nurses probably do take it, just not when people are watching. And the way a vaccine works makes it so theres always that risk of getting sick, but that naturally comes with the vaccine
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    Report Study: Musicians cannot tell the difference from sound alone of Stradivarius/new ones

    i dont know anything about violins but i think for instruments that are hand-made, they all have their own little nuance that makes them different, i dont think its fair if you compare someone's handcraft to someone else, some instruments have definitively better tonal quality then others but...
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    Technology Wikipedia fundraiser ends with $20M in the bank

    whenever they ask for money it sounds like they havnt even gotten close to the deadline, and you dont even know what the status of the donations are until the very end when they have to reach their goal :/
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    Vampire Prosecutor

    Title: 뱀파이어 검사 / Vampire Geumsa Genre: Fantasy, mystery Episodes: 12 Broadcast network: OCN Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-02 to 2011-Dec-18 Air time: Sunday 23:00 Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and...
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    Ken Robinson: Changing Educations Paradigm. RSAnimate
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    Sci/Tech Voice recognition: has it come of age?

    I feel like voice recognition is a gimmick and will be feasible for only a certain market
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    Need help regarding my court case.

    its muffins, you arnt going to get sent to jail for stealing muffins
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    iPhone 4S...

    all of those sales might be from people who were going from the 3G to 4GS
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    Post your desktop!

    how did you change your taskbar? is that part of rainmeter?
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    UK News Giant Whale Falls Out of Sky in UK?

    looks like chuck norris was swimming when the whale decided to disturb him, they will find a boot marking on the whale somewhere.
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    iPhone 4S...

    i wanted an update to the ipod line, all i got was a pride reduction and new colors, woah! Im not a big fan of the kick in the balls Ipods get for their RAM either, only 256