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  1. Siretu

    Jump Charge Ability

    I think behavior's have a height field. Basically, it allows you to control the unit height over the duration of the behavior. This is what the phoenix's gravity ability uses. By adding this to the charge behavior, you should get the intended effect.
  2. Siretu

    Button Question

    It's not within the editor. I'm assuming you're using a custom image? You have to open the button icon in an editor like GIMP and make the background transparent. I'm not really good enough to guide you with that, but you should be able to find a guide for it if you google.
  3. Siretu

    Button Question

    What kind of buttons did you create? Are these buttons for abilities and stuff on your command card in the bottom right corner or are they created by triggers as dialog buttons? If you're doing command card buttons and your borders are not showing up, it's possibly because you're using a...
  4. Siretu

    condition that checks 'integer'

    You're not supposed to place no parse around it. You're supposed to place wc3 around it. Like this: *Your trigger* Notice how only the second wc3 tag has a slash.
  5. Siretu

    condition that checks 'integer'

    Now you're doing [Wave number] == (10 mod 0), Dave told you to do [Wave number] mod 10 == 0.
  6. Siretu

    Duplicating a unit?

    Can you take a picture? When I right-click a banshee, there's a button called "Duplicate Unit..."
  7. Siretu

    World Australia: Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

    As usual, I don't understand what you're trying to say. "Incest [...] should be treated as a serious crime. Well, as long as it's not a child-adult relationship." Anyway, why is incest sexual abuse? Imagine two adults having sex even though they're related to eachother. Who is abusing who...
  8. Siretu

    Do I need unprotected map to translate?

    Depends on what you want to do. Do you want to take a map, translate it and publish it again (maybe on another server)? Or do you want to help the map creator with his consent to create an official translation (which can be in the same map and it will just show for people using another...
  9. Siretu

    Missile Model Not Showing properly [SOLVED!]

    Since you wrote in my tutorial that you were following it and got stuck on this part, I followed my tutorial from the start for the entire first section (until the weapon is finished) and I didn't run into any problems. I'll gladly try to help you figure out where you went wrong. In addition...
  10. Siretu

    Tutorial Data Editor - A Vital Guide

    I'll try to take a look when I get home.
  11. Siretu

    Region matching specific Clifflevel

    This might not be what you're looking for, but you could check if the unit is in the region AND if the unit's height equals whatever the height is at that cliff level.
  12. Siretu

    [Solved]Designate area as 'High Ground' without using cliff tool?

    I might be confused, but we're in the SC2 editor help forum. I was assuming he wanted help implementing this in SC2? ^^
  13. Siretu

    [Solved]Designate area as 'High Ground' without using cliff tool?

    I remember seeing a post on how to fake this behavior. I'm not sure how effective it was though. What they did was to have pathing blockers along the edge of the "cliff" and then invisible xel'naga towers with a much smaller radius along one side of the cliff (the high ground). This way, units...
  14. Siretu

    Simple Trigger Issue

    You're welcome. As for, why it didn't work, I can't really tell. It looks fine to me. In situations like these, the best way to debug it (imo) would be to just add debug message actions to print out things in each iteration of the loop. Try printing the picked player and the picked unit. When...
  15. Siretu

    Simple Trigger Issue

    What is "PlayersUnitGroup"? It's not defined by default so I'm assuming it's your own variable that you're defining somewhere else. In that case, show that code as well. I'm not completely sure what you want, but if you're just looking to buff all units on the map owned by the Triggering...
  16. Siretu

    [Actor] Trying to rotate the Terran Drop pod to drop Vertically

    I suggest reading this excellent tutorial by ProzaicMuze. It might be a little outdated but it should hopefully help you on your way. You can find it here:
  17. Siretu


    I'd like to help, but unfortunately movers still confuse me. I spent a lot of time trying to get something like this to work on my map but I gave up. I started doing it in triggers instead by implementing a custom physics system that handles all projectiles and a lot of other stuff too. If you...
  18. Siretu

    Tutorial Data Editor - Abilities and Effects

    It could be that this tutorial has become outdated in the 2½ years since it was written, but it is not very likely. It's hard to know exactly what went wrong, but you could always upload it here and let us have a look at it.
  19. Siretu

    Cruiser Command

    Unfortunately, auto-swap is very hard to implement considering how much of the map that currently is hard-coded to work with the actual teams from the lobby. If I were to implement this, not only would the feature itself take a decent time to implement, it would also most likely lead to a long...
  20. Siretu

    Resource Cap?

    Couldn't you change the action to (Triggering Player) and then put all the different players events in the same trigger? That way you could get away with only one trigger per resource.