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    Choose a laptop

    I'm thinking of buying me a new laptop. But I don't know much about computers. Neither do I know what to look for other than RAM and Processors(Ghz). Anyway, I found one and I'm thinking of buying it. Couldn't find the specs in English so I translated it from Swedish through a translator...
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    It is the actual code. And it fails in the end, about 97%, it just stops there and displays error after a while.
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    Old thread. But yeah, bump, the issue remains.
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    Shut down the computer but keep myslef logged online

    I think you misunderstood me. I just want to keep the character online. I have for example experienced in a MMORPG game, that I got disconnected middle of a fight, and when I got back on, my character died. So is there anyway I could do it again, shutting of my computer, but keep my character...
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    Shut down the computer but keep myslef logged online

    So I am playing a MMORPG right now and wondering, is it possible to shut down my computer, but keep my character in the game logged on? That way I could let it... do stuff even when I'm not beside the computer.
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    Told me that I had to install SP1 in order to install SP2
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    Put the computer to sleep

    Fixed it. Not sure if it was the mouse/keyboard though. Since I unplugged it all and made the Option changes. Thanks!
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    Put the computer to sleep

    Always happen, don't even have to touch the keyboard/mouse.
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    Put the computer to sleep

    I had this problem with my Vista Computer and XP computer. I can't put my computer to sleep. Everytime I put it to sleep, it "wakes up" again after 2-4 seconds.
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    What's the benefits of learning several programming languages?

    What's the benefits of learning several programming languages? I've seen people suggesting learning C, C++, Perl, Python etc. Why wouldn't one of them be enough?
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    I keep failing. It just won't install. I tried to install it through Windows Updater and downloading the file manually and run it that way, but no. Upon installing the Vista SP1, it runs for some time, then it just displays an error message saying something like : The update failed to install...
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    Crime Baby Starved as Couple Nurtured Virtual Kid

    Some people just deserve to die, it's unbelievable that it's up to some people to decide. These kind of stories about bad parental really sickens me.
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    Quick Grammar Question

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    Quick Grammar Question

    Between dwell in and as you, should it be a coma or a period? Any other mistakes?
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    Another Crash/Drop Hack

    Just to warn everybody about the new hack. It seems that there's another hack for 1.24d. This one though, instead of disconnecting you from the game, gives you a Fatal Error 5-10 seconds into the game. So there's no way to protect against it. Well, I heard the creator of this hack also released...
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    Unsafe Emails

    I've heard from some sources that it could be unsafe to open some emails. Is this true? I mean, as long as I don't download the attachments that are attached with the email, shouldn't it be safe? Just reading could be a risk too? How does it work?
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    Can't delete the files from my USB

    I got a few files on my USB, and I noticed that there are two files that just won't be deleted. There's 1 file that is an empty folder. Every time I right click on it and press delete, it just stays there, like it got removed but made a copy of itself. Another is a music file, when I delete...
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    Grammar error, which one is better, heard it before?

    Grammar Error Are there any grammatical errors? I don't care about commas, dots, capital letters etc. Which one is better I don't know which one these 3 sounds better Heard it before Well.. Every time I write something, I'm always afraid that I've stolen something. It could be a quote I heard...
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    Problems with layers, again

    Here's the image I'm having trouble with. It's a Photoshop file with 4 layers. One of the problem is, it has one black layer. And I want it transparent. So, I removed the black layer, then merged the other 3 together. Then I created...
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    Render Request/Remove background

    Thanks once again.