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    System Projectile

    Yea go right ahead.
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    System Projectile

    I've already implemented it in my map, so I'll be sure to credit Vestras; it should appear in my next version update, whenever that may be. It's not that complicated, and it conserves the efficiency that is outlined in my projectile-group struct. It would have been easier to just use a...
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    System Projectile

    Kenny I just wanted to post back and tell you that I have solved the problem regarding projectile ghosts remaining in groups. As I said before, it really doesn't affect the efficiency of anything because the only loop that is required is in the projectile destroy method (to remove the projectile...
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    System Projectile

    Okay I think I may have come up with a solution to the group problem. In order to keep the amount of groups that a projectile can be kept in unlimited I had to use hashtables, and in order to eliminate any necessity of loops I had to use an additional two. Well that is a lie, there is a...
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    System Projectile

    Really? When I tested your system on my laptop I was experiencing a drop to 40 FPS when roughly 150~160 projectiles were in flight while my system was able to do that without even dropping to 55 FPS. I don't know, I'm not going to get into it. I was just recently informed of this system and I...
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    Hey man; how's it going? I so rarely use this site I remember being such a douche-bag on these...

    Hey man; how's it going? I so rarely use this site I remember being such a douche-bag on these forums. It seems like since I first started using it there have been some quality additions - there are lots of good resources here that aren't anywhere near public eye on
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    System Projectile

    I don't know how serious this is, but isn't it bad to use dynamic triggers? The collision detection seems to be done with the an event; also to mention that this method will avoid detecting collision on units that are already in the projectile's collision radius when the event is registered...
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    So I'm curious, when exactly is it supposed to be going back up? Its been down for quite some time now, it is beginning to seem permanent.
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    how to make a gate unit

    There must have been several thousand threads explaining how to do this among the 3 primary Warcraft III modding communities.,, and yet people continuously ask the exact same question. What a waste of forum space. It's called "Search".
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    The best War3 Editor

    Hey StRoNgFoE. Remember me? Anyways, the best editor to use whether you use GUI or JASS is NewGen. The only feature of WEU is those stupid custom functions they have which make the map un-openable in any other editor. Why would anybody use the normal World Editor over JNGP? That said, I've...
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    Adjusting Gold for players

    If you have JNGP then you can go to the Grimoire tab and select "Customize test map settings" to change the player that you start off as so that you don't have to open up WarCraft III, go to Single Player, Custom Game, and then find your game every time you want to test your map.
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    Add spell into a spellbook with triggers

    No, I don't believe so.
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    Add spell into a spellbook with triggers

    Say you have two spell-book abilities. The first is called Spellbook A, the second Spellbook B. To begin with, let's say your unit has Spellbook A. This spellbook contains an ability for Entangle. Spellbook B contains an ability for Blink. So your unit has Entangle in Spellbook A. Now you...
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    Add spell into a spellbook with triggers

    Not entirely. If you have a disabled spell-book with the ability you want to add contained in that spell-book, and another spell-book that does not have the ability, then when you disable the first spell-book the ability from there will be added to your second spell-book. Both spell-books must...
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    ''Soul Collection'' Ability

    In order to have an ability that has a changing number you need to create multiple abilities for each number, and then remember you need to have enough abilities for each level. The number of souls would obviously be stored in a variable when the unit learns the ability. The active one would...
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    Dota Items question

    What Heart of Tarrasque does it regenerate 1% of a hero's hit points every second. This can be done with a simple periodic timer that increases the hero's current hit points by 1% of its maximum hit points. Phase Boots simply disables the unit's collision for a brief period of time. The...
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    How to make an ability auto-castable?

    You could try replacing an auto-cast ability with Taunt using the Engineering Upgrade. I'm not sure if this will allow it to be auto-cast or not, but there are a lot of crazy things you can do with Engineering Upgrade that changes the way abilities work in the user interface. For example, if...
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    Hot do you disable Camera Zoom (middle mouse wheel)

    I'm not sure if there is a way to disable it entirely, but what it does is adjusts the value of the player's angle of attack. By updating this on a periodic timer you could disallow the effects of scrolling.
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    ability and unit id's

    If you're using Jass NewGen then you can set the raw-code when you create the unit. If you want to change it for an existing unit, then just copy+paste the unit and it will prompt you for the raw-code. If you're not using NewGen, then I would imagine there is no easy way to do it.
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    Minimap Change

    Check in the advanced > gameplay interface... that seems the most likely place.